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Shaky Ground Update

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A month … a whole fucking month … Dr. Isabella Swan was still in the god damned emergency department. She had her own set of examination rooms, painted in bright happy colors, with stuffed animals and crap that was not conducive to being a doctor. Each moment he saw her, Edward grew more and more angry. She was a dedicated doctor and was excellent at her job, but he hated her.


Because she was a fucking woman.

An attractive woman, which made her even worse.

Though, she hasn’t flirted with you.

Probably because she felt the same way he felt about her. Abject abhorrence.

“Dr. Masen, we’ve got a trauma rolling in,” said Grace, one of the older nurses. “Car accident. Two adults and a child.”

“Is Dr. Swan on her way?” Edward asked, barely keeping the sneer of his face.

“She’s waiting in the ambulance bay,” Grace nodded.

Edward saved his work on his laptop. Grace helped me into a trauma gown and he waited for the ambulances to arrive with their patients. Dr. Swan was talking to one of the male nurses, laughing at a joke he was telling. Edward kept his eyes peeled on the entrance to the ambulance bay. The first of three rigs pulled up, backing in. They all jumped to action. Swan’s laughter abruptly stopping and her face turning into something fierce, controlled. The first victim was one of the adults. Dr. Volturi stepped up and took that patient. The second one was the kid. Dr. Swan rolled her into one of the trauma rooms. The final victim was DOA, having flown through the windshield. Edward called it, saddened at the loss of life, but they needed to help the two living patients.

“Dr. Volturi, do you need assistance?” Edward asked as the chief of the emergency department worked over the patient.

“I’m fine. Looks like mainly broken bones, but no internal injuries. Dr. Swan needs help. The little girl has internal trauma,” Dr. Aro Volturi said, nodding his head to the other trauma room.

Edward nodded jerkily, walking into the adjacent room. Swan was running the room smoothly, relaying orders to her team and speaking calmly to the crying girl. “Dr. Masen, can you assist me?” Dr. Swan asked. Edward removed his trauma gown, putting on a fresh one. “I need counter traction.”

They worked the trauma smoothly and got the girl up to surgery to repair her broken leg and an exploratory laparotomy to check for any internal injuries. She had bruising along her belly from the seatbelt. Bella wanted to make sure that she was alright, since the CT scans and ultrasounds were inconclusive. “Thank you for your help, Dr. Masen,” Dr. Swan said quietly. “I couldn’t get the angle right with that hip injury. Nor do I have the strength.”

“Maybe you should move to geriatrics,” Edward growled. He started to stalk away, but Bella grabbed him by his scrub top, pushing him against the wall. “What the …”

“I know you don’t like me. You don’t have to,” she snapped. “But, you do need to respect me. I’m a doctor, just like you. I worked my ass off in school and paid my dues. I don’t need some jackass, who can’t even give me the time of day, to treat me like shit. I had enough of that when I was in residency, doubting my abilities. I respect you as a physician, but as a person, you’re an asshole and you honestly suck. Never once did I treat you as rudely as you’ve treated me.”

“The first case you usurped,” Edward sneered.

“I was right, Masen,” Bella snapped. “Or did I hurt your pride? Are you compensating for something?” She arched a brow, anger swirling in her eyes. “Treat me respectfully or I’ll speak to Dr. Volturi about your abhorrent, disrespectful and rude behavior. Just because I have tits doesn’t mean I’m your fucking enemy.” She stepped back, her face pink with anger. She opened her mouth, but closed it and stalked away, heading into her part of the emergency room.

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