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La Musica del Cuore Update

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To say the last six weeks after the incident in Las Vegas were a blur was an understatement, to say the least. We got our updated tour schedule and it was packed to the gills with our performances, acoustic sets and appearances. We had our remaining dates that we needed to perform, plus the dates we had to reschedule. We’d just finished what would have been our final date before flying back to Dallas for that rescheduled performance from mid-August, followed by our last performance in Las Vegas.

Peoria and a few other locations just could not be rescheduled due to the venues being used and our personal time constraints. Meaning, the impending birth of our first-born child. Refunds were issued to ticket holders, or exchanges if they didn’t want their money back. We were bummed about not being able to get all of the dates we’d canceled, but it was inevitable. There were a lot of moving parts with the tour.

It was determined that after the final performance, we’d have a wrap party in Los Angeles, which was something that we were looking forward to. The end of our first tour. It was successful in the eyes of the record company, but a personal struggle for all of us. To celebrate its end, we decided it would be a Halloween party and we’d finally announce Bella’s pregnancy to the crew and to our fans. Alice had a public statement ready to go for the press, but we wanted to inform our Midnight Sun crew first. For our family, we’d be revealing the gender. Dr. Castillo put the gender into an envelope and we dropped it off to a local baker who was making the cake for the wrap party when we were in town for our last appointment. The color of the cake beneath the creepy fondant and d├ęcor would reveal what we were having … a girl or a boy.

Bree, the woman hired to be our assistant when Alice took over publicity and sharing Kellan’s responsibilities with Nia, was in charge of arranging the party and coordinating our schedule. We were having the wrap party at Hyde on Halloween, a week after our final concert in Vegas.

Five days after the sentencing hearing for Max. Closing that damn chapter, for good.

I knew that Bella was terrified to go back to Sin City. She had nightmares of what had happened in the arena, of what could have happened, but we had Skype therapy sessions with the woman that helped Bella when we first moved to Los Angeles. We were healing, slowly but surely. On top of that, Kellan was back with us. He wasn’t working, but he was supporting us. His arm was strapped to his side, working through his physical therapy. He couldn’t handle being home while we were working our asses off. So, the record company paid a physical therapist to join us on the last leg of our tour. Emmett, Jasper and I helped Kellan work out, as well.

“I’m so glad that the end is in sight,” Bella said, her feet up as I massaged them in our hotel room in New Jersey in mid-October. “Oooh, right there. In the arch. The flats are not very supportive.”

“Alice grumbles about them the entire time,” I snickered. “She misses dressing you all sexy.”

“I think I look sexy,” Bella argued. “Tonight, that dress was up to my hoo-ha! The people in the front row probably got a lovely view of my fat ass, or my support panties, sucking me in.”

“It’s not fat,” I chuckled. She made a face. “You’re beautiful. You can’t tell you’re pregnant while you’re dressed. Alice has done an amazing job putting you in clothes that fit with the feel of the band, but hiding your baby bump.”

“I’m grateful we have two more shows,” she said, sighing contentedly. “I don’t how much longer I can hide it, Edward.” She lifted her shirt, showing me her belly. It was no longer flat, but more rounded. She put her hands on her belly, rubbing it gently. “Nugget, people are going to notice you.”

“I do, but I’m also seeing how much you’re glowing,” I said, moving to her other foot.

“Is that a nice way of saying that I’m sweaty?” she teased, poking me with her toe. Her eyes were dancing and her nose was wrinkled.

Las Vegas Municipal and Judicial Building


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