Monday, July 24, 2017

La Musica del Cuore Teaser

“You’re shaggy, Kellan,” I said.

“I need a haircut,” he replied. “I’m just hesitant with anyone going near my shoulders or arms. They still hurt. A lot.”

“Alice can cut hair. She styled Edward’s hair before the final performance,” I smirked. “But, after the party. The longer hair will go better with your costume.”

“What am I going to be?” he asked, arching a brow.

“Alice didn’t tell you?” I snickered. He shook his head. “A voodoo priest. It’s a sexy, but fun costume.”

“I’m not sexy, Bells,” Kellan laughed. “I’m a nerd.”

“Edward would say the same thing, Kellan. And I think he’s the hottest man on the planet,” I smirked. “Rest assured, Alice thinks the same about you.”

After everyone left, Edward and I discussed what furniture pieces we’d want for the nursery and then we tried on our costumes for the party. We were both going as Greek gods. Wearing a toga seemed much more comfortable than a corseted monstrosity that Alice wanted me to wear. Did she forget that I’m pregnant? A corset with a baby belly? Not a comfortable option. Edward was going to be dressed like Hercules, a Greek warrior, with a shield, breast plate, and sexy-as-hell broad sword. Mine was more akin to the goddess of love. The costumes fit perfectly and mine even had room for me to grow in the stomach, thankfully. I was terrified it would be too tight.

The next couple of days were spent making final preparations for the wrap party, plus picking up Aria from the doggy-foster parents. The morning of the party came and it was a typical Los Angeles day … sunny, warm and perfect.

The women, including Esme, Sue, Amelia and Kathryn, came over to my house to get ready. I’d made arrangements for a set of Hollywood makeup artists to come over to do our hair and makeup. I was surprised when the moms decided to also dress up for the party. They weren’t as intense as our costumes, but they were cute. Esme went as June Cleaver. Sue decided to play up her heritage and go as a Native American princess. Amelia chose to be a cat and Kathryn, she was probably the most risqué, dressing as a sexy prisoner, with Senior being her ‘jailer.’

The guys were getting ready at Emmett’s house before he was going to put it on the market. We were all taking separate limos, but leaving from our address.



Edward (minus the cheesy expression)

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