Thursday, July 13, 2017

La Musica del Cuore Update

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“What do you mean, dead?” Jasper asked. “They said he was stable and would be fine.”
“Apparently, James lived a very unhealthy lifestyle. His liver was damaged from long-time alcohol use. It started bleeding and they couldn’t stop it,” Travis explained. “He also never regained consciousness, either. We couldn’t ask questions about how he infiltrated the security plan we had in place, but I have a theory.”
“Should we wait for Ryan and the rest of the Pandora team?” Bella questioned, her body pressed to mine.
“I think they were part of the problem,” Travis said. He gestured to the living room in the suite and we sat down. “Not all of them, though.”
“Who do you suspect?” I growled, anger surging through me and my head throbbing. I slid my arm around Bella’s waist and inhaled her hair. She smelled like her shampoo, slightly of sex and a lot like the hospital. I focused on her shampoo and tried to keep my temper in check. “Travis … fuck! Tell us!”
“Do you have a copy of the contract with Pandora?” Travis asked.
“Kellan does in his room,” Nia said. “Alice …?”
“Got it,” Alice said, darting out of the suite and returned a few moments later, carrying Kellan’s computer bag. She searched through the pockets, removing a file folder marked ‘Pandora.’ “What am I looking for?”
“Non-disclosure agreements,” Travis said.
Alice opened the file, pulling out a paper clipped stack of paper. “Here are the copies. I think the originals are on file at the Twilight offices.” Travis took the papers, flipping through the ten contracts, one for each of the security team we’d hired.
“What are you looking for?” Emmett asked.
“Checking to see if one particular person signed the NDA,” Travis said, pulling out a piece of paper. He furrowed his brows. “He signed it.”
“Who signed it?” Bella asked, angry and impatient.
“Max,” Travis muttered. “He was arrested just outside of Las Vegas, heading toward California while Kellan was in surgery.”
“Max?” I breathed. “Max, one of our security guards? That Max?”
“Apparently, he was working in league with James all along,” Travis said. “He’s who got James into the arena, with fake security credentials. He also helped him with the technology aspect.” He put the NDA onto the table and looked at the remaining paperwork. “Everyone involved with Pandora will be investigated. I don’t know if Max was a lone wolf or if the whole business is a scam.”
“Did he tell you this?” Bella asked. “Max, that is?”
“He’s currently being interviewed by the police, but he will be taken into federal custody for terrorism. With what happened in Manchester, we’re taking what happened very seriously. We don’t want to have another situation like that. He’s cooperating, probably hoping to get a deal,” Travis said. “Agent Torres is sitting in on the interview.”
“But you don’t know anything for certain,” I said.

“I have my theory. When I looked over George’s notes, I started coming up with my ideas pertaining to your case. It was also why I wanted to join you on the tour,” Travis said.
Las Vegas Mansion

Agent Travis Goodman

Amelia Moore

Richard Moore

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