Friday, June 23, 2017

The One That Got Away FINAL Update

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One Year Later …

“I don’t understand. This dress fit me perfectly a month ago,” Bella said, trying pull up the zipper. “Alice, help me! I have to look good for this premier.”

“You could be holding some water weight,” Alice said, trying to tug up the zipper, but it wouldn’t budge. “Hmmm, do you have your second option?”

“ALICE!” Bella wailed, turning around and glaring at her. “This was my only option. I didn’t pack my second option because this was the one I wanted to wear. It’s sexy, classic and a bit naughty. Edward says it does wonderful things to my ass. He can’t keep his hands off it.”

“Well, it’s not going to fit. Bella, I’m sorry,” Alice said. “You must be getting a little too comfortable now that you’re married. Packing on the pounds.”

“But, I haven’t …” Bella snarled.

“You could be pregnant,” Alice said offhandedly. Bella blinked, staring at her best friend, agent and confidante. “When was your last period?”

“They’ve been wonky due to me going off the shot,” Bella shrugged. “I think the last time I had a period, it was about two months ago? With the end of the school year, our anniversary and planning this trip to Los Angeles, my body’s been off.”

Alice rummaged through her bag and pulled out an unopened pregnancy test. “Pee on this. While you deal with that, I’m going to find you another option down in the gift shop. There was this gorgeous evening gown down there that might be perfect for you.” Alice swiped her wallet and Bella stood there, frozen in her place. “BELLA! Snap to it. I’ll be right back. Pee on the stick!”

Bella nodded dumbly, walking into the bathroom. She removed her dress and put on a robe, peeing on the pregnancy test. She set the timer on her cell phone and she gripped the edge of the counter. Edward was out with the twins, Charlie and his parents. They were not going to the premier due to its rating. Edward was coming as Bella’s date, but they were planning a trip to Disneyland while they were in California.

“Bella, I have the dress. I got a size larger than you normally wear and I can make it work,” Alice said, walking into the bedroom. She saw Bella in the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the tub and twisting her wedding set. “Sweetie, are you okay?”

“Just nervous,” she whispered. “If I was pregnant, wouldn’t I have morning sickness or something? More symptoms?”

“Sweetie, everyone handles pregnancy differently,” Alice said, placing the dress on the bed and kneeling in front of her. “I was nauseous and I thought I was pregnant. I’m not. That’s why I had the test.”

“Are you and Jasper trying?” Bella asked.

“Not actively stopping,” Alice shrugged. “Not like you and Edward. You guys are like bunnies.”

“We were like that even while we weren’t trying,” Bella deadpanned. “Well, except …”

“You don’t have to say it. It was a scary time in your relationship. It made you stronger, that’s for sure,” Alice smirked. The alarm on the phone rang and they both looked at the counter. “You ready?”

“No,” Bella whispered. “We’re just now gelling as a family.”

“You have nine months to get used to the idea,” Alice giggled. “And the twins have been asking if you and Edward are going to have more babies. They want a little brother or sister.”

“How do you know?”

“The twin terrors share a lot with their Aunt Alice,” Alice said, helping Bella to her feet and guiding her to the counter.

“Edward should be here,” Bella gasped. “He should know if he’s going to be a daddy. Again.”

“He will, sweetie,” Alice cooed, hugging her friend. “Now, let’s see if you’ve got a bun in the oven.” Grabbing the test, they flipped it over and saw the results. 

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