Saturday, June 24, 2017

Shaky Ground Teaser

Dr. Edward Masen lived a lonely, miserable existence as an emergency room attending at Harborview Medical Center. He ate, breathed and lived for his job. He refused to even think about women. To him, they were only distractions and he didn't trust anyone, except his mother. 
Dr. Isabella Swan just moved to Seattle, after completing her residency in Chicago. She was hired as a pediatrician at Harborview, becoming a pediatric emergency room fellow. She was not looking for a relationship, only focusing on her job. Upon meeting Dr. Edward Masen, it was hate at first sight for both. Or was it? But, their attraction could not be denied. 
Unfortunately, a natural disaster rattles their lives ... the world was turned upside down when escalating earthquakes plagued the Seattle area. Will they be able to survive the danger of being on Shaky Ground?  
“I love my job,” Dr. Edward Masen muttered as he sat in his Volvo. “I love my job. I really love my job.” One of the nurses waved at him as she passed him. He growled and ran his hand through hair. He did love his job, but he hated the vapid, awful nurses and single, female doctors, who saw him as a piece of meat. Someone to be conquered. He was not some prize to be won, damn it. “Not today, bitches.” He got out of the car, swiping his messenger bag, white coat and lanyard with his ID card.
Walking into Harborview Medical Center, he dropped off his belongings in his rarely-used office and got ready for his twelve-hour shift as an emergency room attending physician. He focused his attention on doing his job, healing the sick and helping people. He kept his interactions with the female coworkers concise, but professional, though he’d rather not interact with them at all. He focused on his patients. He treated them respectfully and with the dignity they needed, especially when they were sick and scared.
He worked diligently, helping his patients and smiling warmly at them when they thanked him. This why he went into medicine, to help people. Not to fend off horny females, swatting them away like annoying gnats.
“Hello, Edward,” purred Heidi, one of the nurses who never took no for an answer. “You look stressed out. I can give you a massage. A naked massage.” She trailed her fingers up his arm and she looked up at him seductively. “Come on, Edward. You’re a sexy, sinful man.”
He captured her fingers, glaring at her. “I’m not, Nurse Shapiro. And I could go to the head of the department, bringing forth charges of sexual harassment. I’ve told you, time and time again. I’m not interested. I never will be interested.”
“I’m not harassing you,” Heidi pouted, crossing her arms over chest. “You’re just playing hard to get. I can make it good, Edward.” He pursed his lips, pushing past her and making his way to the chief’s office. “Okay, okay! I’m sorry. I’ll stop.”
“For now,” he sneered. “Nurse Shapiro, your concession means little to me. And call me Dr. Masen.” He continued his determined walk to the chief’s office, lodging a sexual harassment complaint against Heidi Shapiro. The chief of the department sighed, taking it down and placing it Heidi’s file. Edward left shortly after that, glaring at Heidi as she was called into the chief’s office, but feeling vindicated, slightly.
Or was he just mollified?
He drove back to the home in Wedgewood he purchased when he thought his life was great. It was a contemporary four-bedroom home, that he’d hoped he could fill with children. Instead, they were empty and his house was a cold reminder of how lonely and miserable his life was. Making some dinner, Edward settled onto the couch and flipped through the channels, just to repeat the same pattern the following day.


  1. What a lonely, boring life though there are really people who prefer to live alone. I'm all ready to read chapter 1 of this story!. I'm all set!!!