Sunday, June 25, 2017

Married to the Mob Teaser

“Is there anything else?” I asked, looking at the stuffed back of the SUV. We had so many Christmas presents for our family. It was the most I’d ever seen. I bought my family a few gifts, but never this much. But, this was mainly Bella’s doing. Hell, I knew that she was going to be spoiled by my family since it was her first Christmas with us as a family.

“Did you get the food from the fridge?” Bella asked, looking at the rear of the SUV. She shot me a scowl, seeing that the antipasto tray and buckets of cookies were not in the car.

“I’ll get it,” Jacob said. “You armed, Boss?”

“Always, Jake,” I said, patting my holster that was hidden underneath my overcoat. Bella was fussing over the presents and our overnight bags. “Dolce, baby, you’re making me nervous. Why don’t you go into the car and relax?”

“I want to make sure that everything’s perfect,” she whispered, biting her lip. I tugged on her hand, pulling her into my arms. I blinked around the garage before brushing my lips over hers. She sighed, her fingers massaging my chest. “You can’t distract me with those lips, Cullen.”

“Is it working?” I snickered, guiding her to the backseat and helping inside. She made a face, but she smiled beautifully at me when I trailed my fingers down her cheek and kissed her hand. “Everything will be perfect, Bella.”

“Okay,” she said, tightening her burgundy coat and adjusting the cream scarf around her neck. “It’s been so long since I enjoyed a holiday.”

“And this will be an unforgettable, special and beautiful holiday, Bella,” I said. I kissed her lips before closing the door. Jake was coming back with the trays and plastic containers stuffed with homemade cookies. We put them in the back, closing the hatchback. I clambered into the back, sending a text to my parents.

“I’ve never been to midnight mass,” Bella said, her eyes wistful. “We were considered ‘holiday’ church-goers. And that was rare, if we did go.”

“Where?” I asked.

“When we did go, we went to St. Michael’s,” Bella replied. “My dad was far more religious than either me or Uncle Jimmy. I believe in God, but I didn’t need to go to church in order to follow it.” She blinked over to me. “Do you hate me, yet?”

“Never,” I snickered. “I’m like you. My father is very religious, despite his occupation and we were raised in the church. I was even an altar boy.” Bella giggled. “I hated it. I would fall asleep during the service and start snoring. Emmett would have to elbow me to keep me awake.”

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