Monday, April 10, 2017

The One That Got Away Update

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Tanya began working at Black Auto Body. She filled out the tax paperwork. She put down fake information. By the time, Jacob would realize that the information was incorrect, she’d be long gone. Wearing a pair of skin-tight jeans and a highly-modified polo shirt, she half-heartedly filed and ordered the supplies that Jacob asked for. He also asked her to make the daily deposit to the bank.

He really wasn’t that smart.

They’d just met and she admitted that her credit and life was shit. It was like an open invitation for her to steal from him. He would never even know that the deposit would be short.

This was absolutely perfect. Things were finally looking up. Yes, she was working in a stinky auto shop with a handful of grimy mechanics, one of which looked at her like she was the first woman he’d ever seen, but with each deposit, a hundred dollars, or two, or five would magically appear in her purse.

When she wasn’t working, she was mirroring Bella at University of Tampa. She wore a disguise, creeping in the library or following her to and from her classroom. One day, in mid-October, Tanya listened as Bella spoke to the young librarian, Sarah and shared how she was going to have family pictures taken with her boyfriend and his kids. Tanya’s blood boiled, hating Isabella ‘Smella’ Swan because she was encroaching on her family.

They aren’t your family anymore, idiot. You gave that up. Willingly.

She shouldn’t be this obsessed, but she was so pissed off that Bella was getting her happily ever after. When she dated Edward, she thought of him as all fluff and no substance, but when he got accepted to Dartmouth, she knew that he was more substance than fluff. AND, he was loaded. His family was loaded. She would be set for life. Even more so when she got pregnant. Edward was fastidious about using condoms, but when he got drunk and drugged, that fastidiousness disappeared.

Yeah, she drugged her boyfriend.

He never knew. 


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