Saturday, April 29, 2017

The One That Got Away Teaser

Edward dressed in a black suit, white shirt and a black paisley tie. He was anxiously pacing the bathroom trying to tie the tie, but it was too crooked. “Edward, stop,” Bella said, walking over to him and clumsily trying to help. It was useless because her right hand was encased in a cast from her recent wrist surgery. “Why are you nervous?”

“Because …” he whispered, stopping her fussing and kissing her forehead. She was also dressed for court, but she was in a conservative dress. Her hair was pulled into a loose ponytail, cascading down her back. She looked far too beautiful for such a solemn day, but it was a necessary evil to put the Wicked Witch of South Beach away for a long, long time.


“Because, seeing her will … people will know what she did,” he hissed, gripping Bella’s waist and his eyes drifting shut and a lone tear trickling down his pale cheek. “I’m not ashamed …”

“Baby,” Bella murmured. “I can see it in your eyes. You are ashamed with what happened. She violated your trust in more ways than one.” He blinked and looked at the woman who was holding him together. He cupped her cheek, wiping his thumb down her warm skin. “You’re a good man. A strong man. I’m sorry that she did that to you.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his cheek to her hair. “I am ashamed at what she did. I’m also pissed as hell, sweetness. She’s going to pay for what she did. With our statements, she’s going to go to jail for a long time.” He tipped her chin up, kissing her lips tenderly. “I love you, Bella. I’m sorry about being emo Edward.”

“You have every right to be emo Edward,” she giggled. “I’m not exactly a bowl of sunshine. This cast itches like a son of a bitch and where the staples were in my head, I have a nagging ache. I feel so badly that I’m so cranky most of the time.”

“You’re not cranky. You’re recovering,” he countered, turning and retying his tie, finally happy with its result. “Dr. Wells is happy with your progress.”

“I still get daily migraines and my vision is not what it should be,” she grumbled. “I may need to make an appointment with an eye doctor …”

“I’ll make one for you. My eye doctor is awesome,” Edward said, waggling his chic frames. Bella nodded, kissing his chin. “We should go, though. The prosecutor wants to go over our statements.”

“It makes me wonder why she pled guilty,” Bella mused.

“Me, too, but I’m not fighting it. If she wants to plead guilty, that’s her prerogative. I just pray that she’s not getting some sort of deal,” Edward sighed. He checked his watch. “Do you need a pain pill?”

“No. I mean, it hurts, but they make me kind of foggy,” she replied. “When we get back.” He wrinkled his nose, swiping the bottle and putting it into her purse. He threaded their hands together after he put the sling around Bella’s right arm. He kissed her forehead once more before sliding behind the wheel of his SUV. Backing out of the garage, he drove them to the Thirteenth Judicial Court House in Hillsborough County. Charlie, along with Seth, Sue and Jacob were waiting outside. Carlisle and Esme were planning on attending, but the kids were off school for the Thanksgiving break. Besides, the hatred they had for the former daughter-in-law was barely contained. So, they decided to stay back, prepare for Thanksgiving, using their little minions to help with the preparations. 

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