Monday, January 16, 2017

The One That Got Away Update

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“This doesn’t look like home,” Edward said, his nose wrinkled. “It’s too decorated and not in your style, Bella.” He was leaning against the peninsula in Bella’s apartment. “You can just come and stay with me. It’ll save you money.”

“Edward,” she sighed, putting her silverware into the drawers. “December. My lease is up in December. I know why you want me to move in, but I want to establish myself here. And don’t discount the fun in adult sleep overs.”

“True,” he chuckled, turning back to the box filled with the glasses. He filled the cabinets, working seamlessly with her. It was the weekend after they’d returned from Key West. Edward was enjoying the last two days of his vacation while Bella moving into her new place and out of her dad’s home. “Oh, and don’t forget, Mom wanted you to come to dinner tomorrow.”

“I know,” Bella replied, opening the fridge and grabbing a water bottle. “Should I bring anything?”

“Just yourself and a smile,” Edward beamed, kissing her sweetly. “Mom knows that you are moving this weekend.” He caged her against the counter. “And she said she’d watch the kids tonight so we can have our first adult sleep over.”

“You just want to christen my bedroom,” Bella giggled.

“Duh,” he snorted, his lips dragging along her neck.

“We can christen my bedroom after we finish the kitchen,” Bella said, pushing him back. “And take a shower. I know moving in just a handful of boxes wasn’t all that stressful, but I still feel gross.”

They worked and filled the kitchen with plates, cookware and other kitchen necessities. When they were done, they shared a shower and got ready for dinner out and going grocery shopping to fill Bella’s pantry and fridge. All that was in there was a welcome basket from the apartment management and a twenty-four pack of water that had been left by the previous tenants.

When they got back to the apartment, they put the food away and settled onto the overstuffed couch, ‘watching’ some television after Edward said his goodnights to his children. They didn’t christen the couch, but they did both enjoy themselves while making out like horny teenagers. Shortly after they calmed from their heated session on the couch, they did go to bed and crashed, both exhausted from working so hard in the apartment.

Early the next morning, Edward left, much to his dismay. He wanted to stay and cuddle with Bella, but Liam had a soccer game and then, Lucy had gymnastics later in the afternoon. Bella used the time to finish putting her office together and work on her second draft of Out of the Darkness. She also did some incognito press for her latest release, Friends with Benefits, that was coming out in a week. She posted a few teasers on her author page on Facebook and with New Moon’s blessing, offered a giveaway for a few ARCs of her book. Bella also made arrangements with Alice, who was flying out in a week, to get some professional headshots for her first convention and to finally make her public debut as Marie Cigno. 

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