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The One That Got Away Update

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“Mom, I don’t know how you did all this,” Edward said, as his entire house was furnished by the following day. “I thought you’d be just getting bedroom sets for us. We didn’t need the whole house. I could have picked up that stuff.”

“I just couldn’t help myself and when would you be able to do it, Edward? You’re working solidly for the next week,” Esme shrugged. Edward sighed as his mother was right. “If you don’t like it, anything can be changed. This furniture is usually used for staging for real estate listings. It’s new-ish.”

“For now, we’ll stick with this, but when Bella moves in, I want to give her the option to decorate the house how she wants it,” Edward explained. “You make valid points with my complete lack of time.”
“And I’ll get painters in here to do the twins’ rooms, along with yours. The main floor is pretty much good to go,” Esme nodded. “Well, save for the navy-blue dining room.”

“True. I’ll deal with that once I’m off for vacation,” Edward chuckled. He sat down on the beige sofa in the living room, scrubbing his face. “How did dad take it when you told him that he had to live in the pool house?”

“Oh, he was pissed,” Esme smirked. “If he liked barging in on you so much, he could just live there.” She blinked over to Bella, who was working with Liam and Lucy, unpacking kitchen items. “Why was he so cruel that sweet girl? It boggles my mind. Bella is a sweetheart.”

“Yeah. I don’t understand his MO,” Edward shrugged. “I get his distance with Tanya. She was a self-centered, spoiled bitch. Bella? She’s the complete opposite, Mom. She always has been and always will be.” He gazed as Bella made unpacking into a game, a race to see who could put the pots away the neatest, but the quickest. Liam was easily winning, giggling while Lucy was struggling and letting her competitive streak come out. Bella was unwrapping dishes and organizing the upper cabinets, her body moving to the music that played over the intercom of the house. “She loves the kids as if they were her own, Mom. They adore her.”

“Liam is still leery of her, no thanks to your father,” Esme said. “He asked me what a ‘gold-digging whore’ was in the car, Edward.”

“And what did you say?” Edward hissed, shooting a glare at his mother.

“I said that if I heard those words out of his mouth again, I’d be washing it out with soap,” Esme snorted angrily. “He grumbled that Papa said them about Bella.” She looked at her son, who was fuming. His neck was a bright red, slowly creeping up to his face. “Talk to your father. Kick his ass. We’ll be here when you get back.”

“I just pray he won’t call the police,” Edward deadpanned, grabbing his keys. 

Inspiration for Liam's Bedroom

Inspiration for Lucy's Bedroom

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