Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The One That Got Away Teaser

“Daddy, can we go now?” Lucy asked, tapping her foot impatiently by the door of his bedroom. “I want to go Jungle Island. You promised! We’re stopping in Miami!”

“Don’t rush me, Luce,” Edward chuckled, tossing in the last few items into his suitcase. “We’ll be leaving in an hour.”

“But that’s FOREVER,” she whined.

“If you keep acting like this, Liam will get first choice of the movie in the car,” Edward warned, arching a brow. “Go check your bags and pack two games and two toys.”

“Okay,” she huffed, stomping away.

Edward rolled his eyes, putting his earpiece in to call Bella. “Sweetness,” he breathed as she picked up. “Are you ready for two weeks for fun in the sun?”

“I am, but I need to get a bathing suit. I thought I had one, but it’s an ancient Speedo from my high school days. I hadn’t worn one since then,” Bella snickered.

“We can stop in Miami,” Edward said. “We’re going to Jungle Island which has a water park. Lucy is dying to go.” His voice deepening, he slipped into the bathroom. “I’ve also made arrangements while we’re on vacation for the kids to be with a nanny service so we can go out on dates, baby. I know that I’ve sucked as a boyfriend lately. I have a lot to make up for since I’ve been a workaholic.”

“You were wrapping up your residency, Edward,” Bella murmured. “I get it. Even though you were busy as could be, you still made time for me. For us. I never felt neglected.”

“Well, I felt like I neglected you. I should have been there while you drove across the damn country,” he sighed.

“Daddy! COME ON!” Lucy laughed, banging on the door.

“Lucy, so help me … am I not allowed to go to the bathroom in peace?” Edward laughed. “Give me a minute.” Lucy padded away and Edward pinched his nose. “I’ll be there to pick you up in an hour, sweetness. I hope you packed something sexy.”

“We’re going on vacation with your kids, Edward,” Bella snorted. “I do not to give your dad anymore ammunition.”

“He’s not an issue,” Edward argued.

“Well, maybe to you, but you aren’t the one being called names,” Bella sighed. “I do have a few sexy things packed, but I doubt they’ll be seen.”

“Oh, they’ll be seen. The rental we have has four bedrooms. The kids are taking the room on the main floor while we’re taking the master on the second floor. The door locks, baby,” Edward chuckled. “This may be a family vacation, but I want to spend time making love the love of my life.”

“Gah, you can’t say shit like that to me,” Bella tittered.

“It’s the truth, love,” he replied. “See you in an hour. Love you.”

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