Monday, December 5, 2016

The One That Got Away Update

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The next morning, Bella packed a small duffel with some comfortable, kid-friendly pajamas. She also grabbed a small backpack, filling it with sunscreen, a small first aid kit and some protein bars. Putting her duffel and backpack by the door, she ate a quick breakfast of hard-boiled eggs, reading her email. As she predicted, she received a response from the University of Tampa, formerly offering her the position. Bella bit her lip, responding that she’d take the position and looked forward to her new position at the university, beginning in July.

With that done, she sent an email to her real estate agent, telling her to put her condo on the market. Bella blew out a breath. Things were being put into motion and she was picking up her life, moving back across the country, to be with the man of her dreams.

But was she being too hasty? Too impetuous?

She didn’t have time to dwell. The doorbell rang. Bella stuck her phone into the pocket of her shorts, opening the door. Edward was standing there with both of his kids. Liam held a box of donuts while Lucy held a tray of coffee. In Edward’s hand, he held a single rose. “For you, my love,” he said, handing her the red rose. “These two wanted to get breakfast. Liam suggested we get it to go so we could share breakfast.”

“I saved you the blueberry cake donut,” Liam said, opening the box and handing Bella one of her favorite treats. “Dad said you liked them.”

“Thank you, kind sir,” Bella smiled, taking the donut and ruffling his hair. Lucy handed Bella one of the coffees while Edward picked up her bags, tossing them in the back of the SUV. “Are you guys excited about going to Busch Gardens? In all my years living here in Tampa, I’ve never been.”

“Daddy said that the seniors went there for their class trip,” Lucy said, buckling into the car and sipping some orange juice. “Didn’t you go? You were in the same class as Daddy.”

“Your dad and I weren’t as close in high school, Lucy,” Bella explained. “Plus, I couldn’t afford to go. My dad struggled to make ends meet when I was younger.”

“Miss Bella’s dad is Chief Charlie,” Edward explained.

“I love Chief Charlie! His mustache is cool!” Liam laughed. “Dad, grow a mustache like that.”

“Please don’t,” Bella whimpered. “I’ll be scarred.”

“Noted,” Edward snickered under his breath. “No porn stache.”

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