Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Out of the Darkness Teaser

Keeping up with the pretenses, I got into my car and drove to Port Angeles. I’d rather be flying, damn it. Parking across the street from the trailer, I shook the hand of the project manager, a brute of a man named Emmett.

“I heard a lot of good things about you, Edward,” he said. “Hard worker, keeps to yourself, but a smart ass.”

“I’d rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass,” I quipped, handing him a cup of coffee.

“Good point. You’ll be on the top floor with Mike and Tyler until lunch,” he said, taking the coffee. “Focus on tearing down the walls and pulling the plumbing. Last one up there has to haul the toilets down.”

“Later,” I laughed, handing him the carafe of coffee. I ran up the stairs and began my work in earnest. Tyler showed up last, bitching that he had to haul the six toilets down the stairs. Mike and I laughed as he carried them the four flights of stairs. When Tyler wasn’t complaining about the toilets, both men chattered about their girlfriends. However, the way they talked about women was demeaning and I was appalled for their significant others. They described their bodies and lack of prowess in the bedroom. I stayed quiet, biting back my comments as they continued their crude commentary.

Despite that, we worked well together until lunch, breaking for our meal. They went to some local greasy spoon, but I said that I had packed a lunch, wandering to the marina. I sat there, away from Mike and Tyler describing each graphic detail of their love making – okay, it was fucking - and listening to the breeze, relishing in the spotty sunlight as it warmed my face.

Breaking me from my reverie, I heard a musical giggle. I turned toward it, seeing the most gorgeous creature I’d laid my eyes on. She was petite with long brown hair, pale skin and the curves of a beautiful woman. She was talking on a cell phone to another woman, sharing details about a blind date. A bad blind date.

I was inexplicably angry that this woman had gone out on a blind date and that it wasn’t with me.

What are you talking about, Edward?

I was a fucking angel. I didn’t do romantic involvements. Up until I was on earth, I was a virgin. But, once I jumped into the pool, I couldn’t get enough.

One night stands, sure. I may be an angel, but I’m still a man. A horny man, damn it.

But, this woman was not like the women I’d been with before. She was pure, innocent, and fucking beautiful. I shook my head, watching her as she continued her conversation before she walked to a nearby elementary school. I waited until she was inside before going back to my job. However, I kept my thoughts trained on hers while I was close by, just to hear the beautiful tenor of her mental voice and her kind nature as she taught her fourth grade students. 

Bella Swan

Edward, fallen angel

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