Sunday, November 20, 2016

So You Think You Can Dance Update

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I had been in the hospital for two weeks. I’d had surgery to remove the cage around my left leg. I was now in a foot to thigh cast. I had been a raging bitch and I was absolutely miserable from being confined to the bed, not able to fend for myself and peeing into a damn bag.

Oh, let’s not mention the fact that I’m in horrific pain. 

I was also ignoring Edward. He’d been nothing but supportive, loving and patient. However, seeing him reminded me of what I was going to lose once I got out of the hospital. I would never dance again. I’d forever have a limp. I may not be able to have children. The internal damage was healing, but there would be significant scarring to my uterus due to the surgery and internal injuries I’d sustained. 

I was working with a physical therapist on my other leg when Rose stomped into my room, scowling and her face red with anger. “Do you mind if I have a moment with my best friend who’s being an epic bitch? I want to talk to her before I drive back up to Seattle to make sure our apartment hasn’t burned down,” she sneered. She glared at the therapist who scurried out of the room. Turning to me, she snapped, “I’m not going to apologize. Yes, you’ve been in an accident. Your mom and arch-nemesis are sitting in a jail cell. You have every right to be pissed off, but treating the man who adores you more than his own life like complete and utter shit? That’s cold, Swan.”

“You’re right. I’m entitled to be pissed off. Now, if you don’t mind. I want to be pissed off,” I snapped. “Because of my mom’s sick pleasure in ruining my life, I’ve lost everything.”

“You haven’t lost everything. You’re still fucking breathing,” Rose growled. “You could have died, but you didn’t. You have new scars and injuries to your legs, but you’re still here. Don’t give up and shut down. You don’t see Edward. He’s just as broken as you are. But, his wounds are due to you and your harsh treatment of him. Stop being so awful to him. Quit shutting him out, bitch!”

“I’m not treating him harshly,” I argued. 

“And I’m a natural red head,” Rose deadpanned. She flipped her blonde curls, glowering at me. “Bella, I know that you’re struggling. I remember when I first met you, just after your dad died and you were still trying to heal from your knee injury. You acted the same way: distant and cold. After a few months, you warmed up to me but you still … there was this anger inside of you.”

“Do you blame me? My knee was fucked up. My dad was killed on the job because he was pulling extra shifts to pay for my medical bills. My mom blamed me. And now? It all boils down to my mom and her bullshit. Because of her actions, I’m back in the same position, with injuries that are threatening my dancing career and mounting medical bills, but even worse. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for this. Edward’s going to see that I’m not worth it. Just like you. I’m just preparing for the inevitable,” I sobbed. “I’m going to be alone.”

“Fuck,” Rose mumbled, sitting down next to me and wrapping her arms around me. “You’re not going to be alone, if you change how you’re acting, Bells. The walls are back up and I miss the girl, my best girl. The girl who auditioned with me, on a whim, for this crazy competition. A competition you won!

“A competition that I’ll never be able to take part in again because of my fucked-up legs,” I said, shrugging her off. “Oh, let’s not talk about the damage inside. Carrying a baby to term is ‘questionable’ at best.” I pointed to her barely visible baby bump. “You think that I don’t know?” I felt the tears streaming down my cheeks and I whimpered in pain. 

“What’s going on?” Sarah, one of my nurses, asked. 

“Nothing. I was just hoping that Bella would pull her head out of her ass,” Rose growled, stomping past her. 

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