Thursday, November 10, 2016

So You Think You Can Dance Update

SURPRISE! I got home early enough to post an update today!! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading!

SYTYCD Chapter 23 Update on FicPad

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SYTYCD Chapter 23 Update on FFn

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SYTYCD Chapter 23 Update on Wattpad

“Sir, you have to calm down,” said one cop. 

“Calm down? My fiancée may be the one under the sheet! I will not calm down,” I snapped. The cop’s face hardened and he slapped a set of cuffs around my wrists. “What?! You’re arresting me?!”

“Only until you calm the fuck down,” he sneered. 

“Jay, you’re such an asshole,” a female cop growled. She released me. “The guy under the sheet is the driver of the Uber. We pulled out a female, mid-twenties out of the backseat. She’s in rough shape.”

“Have they left?” I asked. “The ambulance?” 

“Just left. I’ll take you to the hospital. If she has family, you may want to call them,” the cop said kindly. 

“Thank you,” I whispered. She tugged on my arm, smacking Jay’s head before leading me to a squad car. I got into the back, dialing Alistair and explaining to him what had happened. I also called Rose, but she already knew and was on her way to the hospital. Rose was Bella’s emergency contact. We arrived at the hospital and I called my parents. My mom said she’d be on the next flight out and Dad would make it over the weekend. I was barely keeping it together. 

She’s in rough shape …

What the hell does that mean?! Is she at death’s door? Did she lose a limb? What?

In the hospital, the cop, Amy, explained that I was the fiancée of the female car accident victim. I was led into a quiet room. I explained that there were more people on the way. The nurse nodded and said that the doctor would be in shortly. Alistair and Carmen arrived next with Rose and Emmett. Carmen sat next to me, hugging the shit out of me but I was numb. I needed to know what was going on. 

She’s in rough shape …

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