Thursday, November 3, 2016

So You Think You Can Dance Update

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I sat in my room, staring at my phone.

Glowering at my phone was more like it …

This was a contingency plan that Renee came up with in case things didn’t go as planned. And things definitely did not go as planned. I sucked. I really, royally sucked. The only dance I performed well was the bullshit dance I had with Bella. The rest of the performances, I was worse than mediocre. I stumbled, fumbled and looked like a complete amateur. We needed that contingency plan because the dance I had with Bella was the strongest. For both of us, to be honest. I had to give her credit. She kicked ass. Despite her numerous injuries and there was a tiny, I mean miniscule, part of me that respected her for it. Like the size of a grain of rice, but that’s neither here nor there.

Shit. I’m growing a conscience. Stop that, Brandon. Just stop!

The dance, our dance, that was supposed to ruin her. I mean, I nailed her with my ‘unintentional’ kick. But, she didn’t give up. She went to the emergency room and muscled through.

And she performed better than me.

What. The. Fuck?!

So, I had plan B.

Picking up my phone, I dialed the number that Renee had sent to me. Might as well get this shit done. Isabella Swan is going down, bitches! “Hello? TMZ? My name is Alice Brandon and I’m a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance? I’m calling you regarding another contestant, Isabella Swan. It’s been brought to my attention that she’s been using performance enhancing drugs.”

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