Thursday, October 13, 2016

So You Think You Can Dance Update

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“You better win, girl,” Tia sniffled. “If Malice kicks your ass, I’ll kick hers. Evil bitch from hell.” She threw another pair of shoes into her bag. “Seriously, though. I think you have the chops to win this thing, Bella.”

“I hope so. But, I don’t want to win to prove that I can. I want to win so that Alice doesn’t get the chance,” I snorted. “Is that wrong?”

“Psssh, nope,” Tia retorted. “You do you and let Alice dig herself her own shallow grave.” She tossed her last bag out into the hallway. “I don’t understand why I can’t stay here. I’m performing in two weeks for the results show. This bed is so much more comfortable than a shitty hotel bed.”

“At least you get some privacy,” I shrugged. Together, we carried the bags down to the foyer. Tyler was waiting there to go to the hotel with Tia. “You could also pick up some hottie and have raunchy hotel sex.”

“That does sound promising,” Tia said, hugging me again. “Shake what your momma gave ya!”

“Damn straight,” Tyler barked, hugging the both of us. “I’ll be voting for you from my hotel room, girl. I need to support my old partner.”

“Thanks,” I giggled. “I’ll miss you guys.”

“There won’t be a buffer of your humor, Tia or your noxious fumes, Tyler, with Alice,” Jacob 

“Fuck you, Black,” Tyler scoffed. “Noxious fumes, my ass.”

“They come from your ass,” Jacob said, arching a brow. Tyler gave Jacob the finger. With a honk from the waiting car, they left and the house was now empty. Only the four of us, Jacob, Jasper, Alice and me remained. Jasper was on the phone with his parents, finalizing their plans to fly in for the finale. They were strapped for cash and were working on getting the funds to attend the final performance. Alistair said he’d help, but Jasper’s dad was too proud to accept charity. Jasper was trying to convince him otherwise.

Alice was in her room with the music blaring. She stomped into the house once we got back from the studio, ignoring us and shutting herself inside her room. I helped Tia pack her suitcases, but was planning on texting Edward once she was gone and Jacob ate, since he was a bottomless pit. Edward, Lauren, Peter and Emmett were coming over, along with Jasmine and her boyfriend, Cyrus, to hang out. It was still early and we were not supposed to be at the rehearsal studios until ten the following morning.

Then, the craziness of the final performance show would be upon us. The calm before the storm, as it were. I was nervous about the upcoming final show, but looking forward to finding out who actually won. The stress was getting to me. Alice was getting to me.

Hell, Alice was getting to everyone. Even Alistair could barely contain his ire to her in the meeting after the elimination. The fact that she was smug rubbed all of us the wrong way, but Alistair told her that she was only here by votes and that if he still had a say, she’d be gone.

Hence, the temper tantrum upon our return. 

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