Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The One That Got Away Teaser

The next morning, Edward woke up first. He was still on eastern time and his body was ready to go at almost seven in the morning. Granted, it would have been sleeping in for him, but he was up. Extracting his body from Bella’s warm bed, he took the time to stare at her while she slept. He pale skin practically glowed from within. Her heart-shaped face was covered in a warm blush. The deep mahogany curls shone brightly in the rising sun, displaying red, warm highlights. His eyes moved down and her arms were under her pillow. He could see just hint of her breast from under the blankets and her leg was kicked out from the covers.

“One day, I will marry you, Isabella Swan,” he whispered in the quiet morning. He leaned down and kissed her temple before going into the bathroom. He peed and took a shower, dressing casually in a pair of jeans and button-down. Padding to the kitchen, he made some coffee and rooting around in her fridge to make Bella breakfast in bed. He found the makings for blueberry pancakes and he got to work.

Just as finished making Bella breakfast, her nose woke her up and she got up from her tangle of blankets. Swiping Edward’s shirt from the night before, she padded to the bathroom and walked to the kitchen. “That should be porn,” she giggled. “A hot guy, wearing glasses, cooking in a state-of-the-art kitchen.”

“Perhaps I should just remove all of my clothes and wear only an apron?” Edward quipped, arching his brow over his frames. “Do you want me to peel your grapes or fan you with a giant palm?”

“I just want the apron gone so my love slave can pleasure me,” Bella laughed, sitting on one of the stools near the stove. 

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