Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Public Service Announcement

So, with the arrival of August, school is just around the corner. In less than two weeks, I'll be back to school with a new and challenging position as a choral director. It's been six years since I've last had a choir and this is the first time, ever, that I will have an entire schedule for JUST choir and have my own room (I'm stoked about that! I don't have to travel!)

As a result of the new year, things will be changing with updates and such. I want to keep the rigorous update schedule that I have, but until I can get a read of how I'm able to handle this, updates may slow down. And I will probably just focus my attention to ONE story at a time in order to make the most out of my time.

So, here's the plan. I'm hoping to finish Buying Love before the end of summer break. It's getting close to the end of the story with a few things to wrap up. I'll keep the Monday/Friday updating schedule. So You Think You Can Dance is also close to its finish as well, perhaps another ten chapters besides the ones I have written (through chapter 17). That will update on every other Thursday, but it's all dependent on how much surplus I can build. La Musica del Cuore has a long way to go and I have a plan, but it will take time. This is the question mark ... can I maintain the every other week updating schedule with this? I don't know. The One That Got Away has a surplus and the chapters come together quickly, but I may reduce the update schedule to once a week, mainly on Sundays.

I need to make things easier for me since I'm stressing out about my new position and how it will impact everything I do. I'm excited about teaching choir since that's what I went to school for, but I'm anxious about the logistics. How do I fit 300 students on a set risers? Who can accompany me? Should I break up my concerts by grade? So, therein lies the problems.

I hope you are patient with me and I'll keep you posted.

Also, I have a couple of things on the back burner. I just came up with a plot bunny (the post previous to this one) along with a one-shot/futuretake for Star Crossed called Fractured Dreams for Fandoms Against Domestic Violence, and my fallen angel story, Out of the Darkness. I need to finish what's in front of me before I can address these things, with the exception of the one-shot. I've got a deadline for that, but we'll see what happens. And let's not forget Picking up the Pieces. I do plan on finishing that one, but I am still not in the right spot, mentally to attack that. *Sigh*

Thanks for reading and I'll see you on the flip side!


Josie 'Tufano79'

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  1. Go with the pace you're most convenient. No pressure. I understand how it is with priorities. Rest assured that I'll be here just waiting for whatever you can give us.