Monday, August 22, 2016

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A week had passed since my testimony. Harold finally apologized to me and I was given the opportunity to finish my statement with Liam redirecting me. Once I was done with my testimony, I was excused and the defense started calling their witnesses.

There weren’t many.

A few of her former clients said that she was being framed by the FBI and Harold even provided fabricated evidence. Liam cut the witnesses down and obliterated the evidence with proof from the biggest and best forensic scientists. After two days of defense witnesses, closing summations were given and the trial was handed over to the jury.

Esme’s fate was in the hands of nine women and three men.

I was sick to my stomach, terrified that they would find her not guilty.

However, Bella, Rose, Carlisle, Uncle Peter, Emmett, my mother … they were all in my corner and did their best to distract me while the jury was deliberating. Carlisle and Emmett gave me driving lessons. Rose and I worked on the Swan Towers website. Uncle Peter got me out of the hotel or Jared’s home. He took me to his gym and we worked out. Or, we’d go on random trips around Seattle. Uncle Peter was very athletic and we bonded over that, working out, running along the many paths in Seattle or geeking out at the local public library. My mom shared memories about my dad, from when they started dating and their first few years of marriage, before I was born.

And Bella … my Bella … she was my saving grace. After my explosion in the gym in the hotel, she had been my rock. Even more so now. She helped me continue to heal, with talking to me, encouraging me to journal, spending time with me after I had sessions with Dr. Benson and just making me feel like a normal man.

A few days after the jury began deliberations, I got a text on my cell phone while I was reading in the living room of Jared’s, erm, my house. It was Liam. Jury’s back. Court is reconvening tomorrow morning at nine. Bella walked into the living room, her phone in her hand. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Nervous,” I said, putting the phone on the cocktail table. “Do you think that the jury found her guilty?”

“We’ll find out tomorrow, baby,” she said, sitting down on my lap. I burrowed my nose against her soft hair. 

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