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Parking behind the garage, I got out of the car and went into Jared, now Edward’s, home. It was quiet, but I could see that Edward and Marina were there. Her bag was next to the door and Edward’s running shoes were just inside. I checked the fridge, noting that it was pretty empty. I logged into PeaPod and ordered some basics like milk, eggs, bacon and some other things. I scheduled the order to arrive in a couple of hours. I’d make dinner and hopefully talk to a calmer Edward.

Marina came downstairs, her long brown hair pulled up in a low ponytail. “He’s resting,” she said, putting down some gauze and tape. “I’m surprised that he exploded.”

“Really?” I asked, guiding her to the living room.

“Okay, let me rephrase. I expected him to explode a lot sooner,” she sighed. “He’s had a few setbacks, the first when you were injured. His progress should have had more jagged edges, I suppose.”

“What can I do?”

“Be there for him. He told me about his shame and how he hates the fact that the world will know it,” Marina replied, crossing her legs. “That was his trigger. He wanted to punish himself and it came out of nowhere.”

“I should have seen this coming,” I grumbled.

“You’re also battling your own demons, Bella. Granted, you’re almost back to normal …”

“Physically? Yes. But, I’m ashamed of my body. I used to be so proud of it. I’m littered with scars and I feel ugly,” I shrugged.

“Edward has his own scars. He loves you regardless,” Marina smiled.

“Does he really?” I asked. “Or does he feel like he has to love me because I saved him.”

“That was my initial fear, but he does adore you,” Marina nodded. “He said that you are the shining light in his life. You are the one thing that’s going well for him. Granted, right now he doesn’t feel like he’s worthy of you, but he loves you so much.”

“Will he be able to testify?”

“He will. I’ll be there in case he needs sedation,” Marina said, taking my hand. “But, after this, he will finally be able to move forward.” She pursed her lips, looking out the window. “He was trying to be strong for everyone else, but his body and mind just crumbled when he got the notification to testify.”

“That makes sense,” I frowned. “It was Rose who mentioned to me that Edward may freak out because of his past. I should have seen it.”

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