Monday, August 1, 2016

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Working with Jenks, I got everything set up for the life insurance policy, transferring ownership of the house and getting the money from Jared’s accounts. Little did I know that Jared was quite well-off, thanks to his time with Volterra Technologies. From the life insurance policy, the expenses of the house were paid for and the accounts in the bank were for me and my needs. I wanted to use the money to pay for college, but Bella was insistent that she pay for my college education, but I still didn’t know what I wanted to do.

Or if I wanted to go to college.

I just couldn’t look past this trial. Once Esme was gone for good, then I could focus on my future and what I wanted to do with my life. Though, that didn’t stop Bella from researching colleges and sending me texts or emails about college life.

Jared’s memorial service was beautiful and intimate, just as he requested. Meeting a nearby funeral home, we listened to a short service by the priest in Jared’s neighborhood. Marcus was with his wife, who was tall and elegant, and a former client from my time at Buying Love, Inc. Her eyes widened when she saw me, but didn’t say anything, thankfully. I was just her date to a charity dinner since Marcus was out of town, but she wanted more and I almost obliged her because Esme was in a particularly bad mood that day. Thankfully, I didn’t because that would have been very, very awkward between me and Marcus.

Not that it wasn’t in the first place. He totally flirted with my girlfriend despite his wife being there with him and I didn’t like it. I wanted to ram my fist into his dimpled jaw and break his perfect nose. He was more subdued at the memorial, but he still looked at Bella like she was something to eat and I had to give him a few nasty glares.

After the service at the funeral home we drove through Jared’s old neighborhood. Down the road from Jared’s home on a cloudy, blistery day, we met at a nearby marina to spread Jared’s ashes before going to Canlis for a late lunch to celebrate Jared’s life. I held the urn, standing at the end of the pier. Marcus, Bella and Carlisle were with me while the rest of our group was heading to the restaurant. Opening it up, I took out the bag and wrinkled my nose. Such a small bag for some a big man. I handed the urn to Bella and quietly read the poem he wrote in his letter to me. I also had had it engraved onto the urn with Jared’s date of birth and date of death. Together, Marcus and I poured the ashes into the sound and said our quiet prayers.

“Can I get a few moments?” I asked, crushing the bag in my hands and stuffing it into my pockets.

“Do you want me to stay?” Bella asked.

I shook my head, kissing her cold lips. She latched onto Carlisle’s arm and the three of them walked back up the pier. I shivered in my coat, wrapping my scarf around my neck. “Jared, I know that you are still out there and I appreciate all you did for me. It was too much, old man,” I snorted. “What the fuck am I going to do with a house?” I blew out a breath, smiling. “I know, live in it. I could just hear you snarking at me. That’s my plan, but I need to get past this trial with Esme. I pray that she gets the maximum sentence, Jared. Hopefully, you’ve got some pull with the big guy upstairs and he can make things happen.” The clouds parted, a ray of sunshine shining down on me and I looked up, smiling. “Thank you, Jared. I love you and I’ll miss you. Don’t be a stranger, okay?” The sun ducked behind the heavy cloud cover and I walked to the waiting limo. 

Masen Crest on Edward's ribs

Reborn with Lotus on forearm

Swan tattoo on his left pectoral

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