Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The One That Got Away Update

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“Where have you been all day?” asked Charlie. “I thought you’d be attached to Edward at the mouth.”

“Dad,” Bella chided as she walked into the bungalow. “Stop.”

“What? It’s a valid question,” Charlie snickered.

“Edward was at home. His children got food poisoning while on a trip to Disney World. They’ve been puking all night and all they want is their daddy,” Bella explained.

“Oh, that sucks. I got food poisoning from eating bad shrimp. I can’t even look at a shrimp without feeling nauseous,” Charlie said, his face blanching. “That’s foul and I feel for those kids.”

“Me, too,” Bella said, sitting down at the kitchen counter. “As for me, I spent the day at the hospital. Angela Cheney had a baby girl today. It was a little touch-and-go for a while, but the little girl is so sweet.”

“What’s the baby’s name?” Charlie asked.

“Breelynn Cheney,” Bella responded, handing her phone to her dad. “I can totally see Angela in the nose and mouth, but the eyes are all Ben.”

“Yeah, I don’t see that, but when you were born, you looked like shar pei. You know those dogs with the wrinkles? Oh and a touch of cone head,” Charlie chuckled. Bella glared at him, smacking his shoulder. “What? You were beautiful but you got stuck in the birth canal and your face was all scrunched up, like this.” He pressed his cheeks and eyes together puffing out his lips.

“Shut up, Dad. I did not look like that,” Bella growled.

Charlie held up a finger and went to the living room. He grabbed a photo album, flipping a few pages. “Do you believe me now?” he asked, showing Bella her first baby picture.

“Ugh, I’ve got monkey hair and I do look like a shar pei,” she groaned.

“Well, you’ve since grown up to be a gorgeous, successful young woman and I couldn’t be more proud of you,” Charlie said, hugging her close. “I love you, baby girl.”

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