Monday, June 27, 2016

The One That Got Away Teaser

Arriving at SeaTac, Alice was there, bouncing on her toes and vibrating with excitement. When she saw her best friend, she sprinted to her and nearly knocked her over with her exuberance. “Bella! Bella! You have to tell me everything,” she gushed.

“I already did, Ali,” Bella said, pealing her best friend from her body. “And be careful. I rolled my foot this morning and it’s really hurting.”

“Did Dr. Feel Good make you feel good?” she asked, waggling her brows.

“Ugh, Alice,” Bella sighed, swiping her luggage from the carousel. “I’ll tell you all about it after the meeting with Jane. I need to keep my focus on that since I’m nervous about my next novel. Yes, the editors and pre-readers liked it, but Jane is always wanting to push the envelope.”

“That’s why I think you should do a BDSM novel. All of the romance novelists are doing it,” Alice said, taking Bella’s bag. Together they walked out of the airport and into the garage.

“Just because all of the romance novelists are doing it doesn’t mean I should,” Bella argued. “I may think of doing a sequel to Mafia Princess. Everyone loved Caden and Antonia with their epic love story. I could do something where Antonia is sucked back into the world of the mob and Caden follows her. Or something happens to Caden that makes him go to the dark side?”

“Well, if you don’t do that, I still that the story of you and Edward reuniting would be one steamy novel,” Alice snickered.

“Not happening!” Bella sang. Alice huffed and pulled into the parking of the publishing company, New Moon Publishing, that marketed Bella’s books. Grabbing Bella’s laptop bag and her worn manuscript, they rode up the elevator to the top floor. Bella walked to the receptionist. “I have an appointment with Jane at one. My name is Bella Swan.”

“Oh, she’s expecting you. Conference room one,” the kindly receptionist smiled. Bella nodded and walked to the large conference room just off the entrance of the office. The office was bustling with editors, artists, pre-readers and publicity. It was a chic, modern office with exposed brick, sleek red accents and funky industrial lighting. There was also a never ending scent of sandalwood wafting throughout the office. Jane believed it helped everyone think better.

In the conference room, there were large posters with cover art, all with the title of Bella’s up and coming book, Friends with Benefits. Jane turned around, looking like a vampire with long, black hair that was curled, similar to a Vargas girl. Her skin was nearly translucent; it was so pale. Her lips were red and eyes perfectly done with smoky shadow. “Isabella!” Jane cooed, teetering to Bella and hugging her tightly. “How was your trip down memory lane?”

“Interesting,” Bella said, sitting down at the conference table. “But a lot of fun. I reconnected with a few friends from high school.”

“She fucked dreamboat,” Alice said bluntly, sitting down and giving Bella a cheeky grin.

“Why am I friends with you?” Bella sighed. 



New Moon Publishing

Jane, Bella's Editor

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