Monday, June 27, 2016

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It was a few days before Christmas. Liam Mackenzie was trying to wrap up the grand jury testimony before the holidays. With all of the witnesses, it was tough. I was scheduled to go this afternoon. I was dressed in a black business suit and a crisp, subtle blouse. I would have killed to wear my black, patent-leather Jimmy Choo platform pumps with this outfit. However, I was still stuck in flats. Edward found them for me on Zappos. They were cute, black with some sort of sparkle, but not my nut-busters.

“Bella, are you almost ready?” asked Uncle Peter.

“Yeah,” I said, smoothing out my hair and picking up my purse. I grabbed my black, polished cane for support. I knew I’d be walking a lot today and I wanted to make sure that I was not going to end up back in the rehab facility. Moving slowly, I walked to the living room. Edward was sitting on the couch, scrolling through his cell phone. He wore a sleek black suit with a light blue shirt and a black and blue paisley tie. His hair was recently cut, since he testified the day previous for the grand jury. When I stumbled over one of the area rugs, Edward hopped up and steadied me with a strong arm and warm grin. “This is really frustrating. I want to walk normally. This suit does not go well with flats!”

“Bella, the jury is not looking at your shoes,” Edward quipped, tucking a hair behind my ear. “They want to hear what you have say about Bitchme.”

“Is the grand jury almost done?” I asked.

“You’re going today. Alice, Jasper and Jared are going tomorrow. However, once we get home, I’ve got a surprise for you,” Edward smirked. “Uncle Peter helped me.”

“Should I be afraid?” I giggled.

“Trembling in your flats,” he snorted. “Come on. Traffic sucks and I don’t want to be late.”

Edward helped me into my red winter coat with matching Burberry scarf. He put on an overcoat, looking some sort of Mafia don. He was so sexy and lithe. Plus, he’d come such a long way in the few weeks that I’ve been home. Granted, almost daily appointments with Dr. Benson and his therapist, Michele, helped him tremendously.

There were still things that Edward freaked out about. He didn’t like to be touched by anyone but me. He also couldn’t wear a belt since it reminded him too much of the whips and chains that he was beaten with. Uncle Peter got him suspenders so his pants for his suits wouldn’t fall down. Edward still harbored a great deal of anger and resentment toward his mother. She was a victim in this, almost as much as he was, but she gave up when he was fourteen, when he needed her the most. Edward did have some huge anger issues. For the most part, he was easy-going, but if something made him pissed, he would stomp around like a bull and things would get broken. Michele is working with him on that, having him use various calming techniques.

Finally, there was the guilt and pain associated with anything sexual. Edward’s introduction to sex was violent and cruel. He knew how to pleasure a woman, but now, the mere thought of doing anything other than kissing, hugging or cuddling, made his stomach churn. Dr. Benson said that was a normal response for someone who underwent such long-term sexual abuse and rape. When the time was right, both Edward and I would go to couple’s therapy. I would do anything for him to ensure that he was happy, healthy and most importantly, safe. 

Edward, looking like a Mafia don

Bella's suit, but in black

Bella's winter coat
Seattle Courthouse

Edward's Christmas Decoration Surprise

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