Tuesday, June 7, 2016

La Musica del Cuore Update

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Rushing off the stage, Edward enfolded me into his arms. Our first performance at Madison Square Gardens had been a rousing success. My husband was an emotional mess, crying into my shoulder. Hell, I was joining him. Everything we had worked for had culminated in this moment.

Yes, we’d won numerous awards and accolades, but nothing compared to performing live in front of twenty thousand screaming fans, chanting for more.

“You’ve got to keep moving, Edward,” shouted Emmett.

Edward pulled away from me, nodding as we walked to the backstage area. The stage hands removed our ear protection, congratulating us on an amazing opening night. I smiled, guzzling down the bottle of water quickly. Edward was doing the same, alternating with Gatorade. After that, we went into our respective dressing rooms. We were having a brief after party with a few invited fans who had won a radio contest.

“I’m going to take a quick shower,” Edward said, plucking at his soaked shirt. “I think our fans would pass out from my stench.”

“I’ll join you,” I murmured, shimmying out of my short dress. We took our shower, playing with each other and hosing off the sweat and grime from performing. I tossed my hair up into a messy top knot and put on another sexy dress. It was simple and black, cut close to the body with one long sleeve and strapless on the other arm. There were three cut outs along my ribcage, displaying my stomach. Edward looked at me hungrily, his fingers gliding along my arm. “You like?”

“I love,” he purred. “But, I can’t wait to take this off, baby. We need to celebrate tonight.”

“I have every intention of cashing in on that, handsome,” I cooed, kissing his lips. “Now, let’s go be sociable and give our fans their photo op.” I stuffed my feet into a pair of flats. My legs were sore from wearing heels on stage. I knew that Alice was going to give me shit, but I did not want to have surgery for neuromas or whatever because I wore heels all of the time.

The after party was a lot of fun. The fans were all various ages, from a ten-year-old girl to a fifty-year-old man. We took pictures, signed autographs and even played a short acoustic set. Around midnight, our fans left and Nia began posting the pictures to twitter, Instagram and Facebook. However, the high of performing was wearing off quickly and all I wanted was my king-sized bed in the Peninsula Hotel. Edward saw my eyelids droop and he called the limos.

After a thorough inspection by the security company, we were allowed in our rooms. The promise of all-night fucking dwindled as I found Edward, naked as the day he was born, snoring on the bed. I giggled, agreeing with him and crawling beside him. 

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