Sunday, May 1, 2016

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Since our first hit played on the radio, Twilight Records had been inundated with fan mail for Breaking Midnight. Some of the letters were addressed to us as a band and some were individual letters addressed to each member. Edward and I were the most popular members to get letters, fan mail.

Shortly before the release of our sophomore album, we received a letter from a girl in Portland who had a brain tumor. The doctors had not given her a promising prognosis and her last wish was for Breaking Midnight to do an acoustic set in the children’s ward at Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital. My heart broke for her and I wanted to do more. So, working with Kellan, the girl, whose name was Leah, her doctors and her parents, we made arrangements for a performance at a nearby club, complete with swag and freebies for all of the kids and their families that were able to leave the ward, food and specialty beverages.

On top of that, I treated Leah to a day of relaxation and beauty before the performance, saying that my number one fan needed to look her best for her big debut. She even sang with Edward and me, her voice as clear as a bell and her smile as radiant as the spotlight shining on her. What made the day even more miraculous was that shortly after our visit with Leah and her family, the doctors discovered that the treatments, which had not been working previously, had begun to shrink the tumor. With extensive chemo therapy, gamma radiation and brain surgery, Leah was on the road to recovery. She would have a minor developmental delay because of the location of the tumor, but her fighting spirit, her love of music and her memories of our visit were intact. In fact, it made her fight even harder to overcome her challenges. She was talking in a month and was taking her first unassisted steps within three months.

From our last phone call with Leah a couple weeks back, she was getting ready to go back to school and stressing about what to do with her still-growing hair. I told her that she was beautiful and that the pixie cut was in style. I also told her that when we were in Portland, she’d be coming to our concert, getting the VIP treatment for her and four of her friends. 

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