Friday, May 6, 2016

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The drive up to Forks was rainy and downright miserable. There was so much green. I was definitely a city girl. Give me the urban jungle and none of this nature shit. Halfway through my drive, I got a text from Bitchme, asking for provisions. I rolled my eyes at her list, which included hair dye, new clothes and a burner phone. This woman is not going to get away. However, not wanting to piss her off, I picked up her shit and finished my drive up to Forks, specifically the La Push Reservation.

My little Audi did not like the drive and ended up getting stuck in some mud near a creek. I got out of the car, only to be stopped by the barrel of a gun. “Took you fucking long enough,” Esme spat. “Did you take the scenic route?”

“I had to pick up your crap,” I said, tossing her the plastic bag from Walmart. “Plus, this place wasn’t very easy to find.”

Esme growled at me, cocking the hammer and pressing the gun between my eyes. “You shut the fuck up,” she snapped. “Where’s my money?”

“In the trunk,” I whispered.

Esme reached into my pocket and grabbed my keys, pushing me onto the ground. She popped the trunk, picking up the briefcase and slinging it onto the ground. “Pick that up and follow me, bitch,” Esme grumbled, stomping away. I got up, picking up the briefcase and followed her to a dingy, red cabin. Esme dug into the plastic bag and pulled out the hair dye. “Blonde? You got me blonde?”

“Beggars can’t be choosers,” I shrugged, putting the briefcase on the table. Esme stormed over to me, back handing me with the butt of her gun. I stumbled against the stove, falling onto the ground. She kicked my side and hit me again on my face, causing my skin to open by my eyebrow.

“You need to watch your mouth,” Esme said, her face dangerously close to mine. “Next time, I won’t be so … kind.” She got up, smoothing out her clothing. “Now, go take care of your mother-in-law. She stinks.” Esme stalked to the bathroom, slamming the door shut. 

Bella's Audi

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