Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The One That Got Away Teaser

“I’m off, Ellie,” Edward said as he signed off on his last chart. He was in his final year of residency at St. Joseph’s Children Hospital in Tampa. He was anxious to get home to his family, his reason for smiling. He packed up his belongings and drove back to the large home in Parkland Estates that he still shared with his parents. It wasn’t how he pictured his life at twenty-eight, but he was grateful for their love and support. He needed it.

The past ten years had been difficult for Edward. He’d gone to college on a full-ride at Dartmouth for pre-med. His long-time girlfriend, Tanya, followed him to Dartmouth and they got married the summer between their junior and senior year when Tanya told him that she was pregnant. Just before his graduation in December, Tanya gave birth to twins - a boy and girl named Liam and Lucy.

Shortly after graduation, Edward, Tanya, and their babies moved to Maryland so he could attend Johns Hopkins for his medical training. It was a point of contention for Edward and Tanya. She didn’t want her husband to be absent while she raised his children. Edward did all that he could, but when he was hospitalized for a severe case of mono because he was barely getting any sleep and working his fingers to the bone, his parents intervened. Tanya was acting like a princess while Edward was pulling insane shifts. Carlisle and Esme moved up to Maryland to help Edward.

Their disdain for Tanya was barely hidden. However, Tanya saw this opportunity to finally get back into real life. Her first affair started when the twins turned two. Edward was too involved with his schooling and with raising his children to see that his wife was screwing around. When Edward found out that he had been matched to St. Joe’s and was moving back to his home town of Tampa, Tanya dropped the bombshell that she wanted a divorce and to have her parental rights terminated. 

Dr. Edward Cullen

Liam Cullen

Lucy Cullen

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Esme Cullen

Tanya, the ex-Mrs. Cullen

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