Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Restoration Update

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Up in their bedroom, all remnants of Essie’s impromptu salon had been removed. Their bedding had been changed and was now a stark white with mosquito netting all around it. The lights were dim, with twinkle lights around the posts of their king-sized bed. Bella was anxious. From Edward’s fidgeting, he was too.

“I’m shaking,” Bella said, showing her husband the slight tremor in her hands. “Why am I shaking?”
Edward chuckled, taking her tiny hands into his own. “It’s like we’re virgins again.”

“I hate to break it to you. I’m carrying your baby. I’m not a virgin,” Bella snickered. Edward laughed, leaning down to kiss his wife’s sweet mouth. Breaking apart, Bella stepped closer to him. “Is it because I’m afraid something is going to happen to our little sparrow?”

“Maybe that’s it. If you don’t want to …” he trailed off.

“I do. So much. I missed feeling you inside of me, Edward,” Bella purred, unbuttoning his waist coat. Her wanton, breathy voice broke their fear and Edward pressed his mouth to hers. Shirking his suit jacket, he took her flushed face into his hands and guided them to the bed. He sat down, making it easier for them to kiss each other hungrily. Bella made quick work of his shirt and pushed it over his broad, strong shoulders. Once he was free of his shirt, Edward pulled her between his legs and he massaged her shoulders, moving his hands to her ass. 

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