Tuesday, April 26, 2016

La Musica del Cuore Update

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“We do not have a comment at this time,” Nia said exasperatedly into her cell phone. “No, we don’t want to give an interview. Please, respect the privacy of our band members during this time.” She pinched her nose and growled. “We’ll keep that in mind. I have your number. Good day.” She angrily jabbed her thumb on her cell phone, tossing it onto the couch in our basement rehearsal space. “It’s been over a month and they still won’t let up! Fucking vultures.”

“They’ve been relentless,” Bella sneered from her spot next to me. Her guitar was in its stand and we were taking a break from our planning our tour, devising our set list. “I swear to fucking God, I want to remove Emmett’s testicles and shove them down his throat. A baby? A baby with some random skank.”

“That’s just a rumor, beautiful,” I said, rubbing her back. “As far as I know, Jenks is working on getting a paternity test done on this alleged baby.”

“What did they want, darlin’?” Jasper asked, tugging Nia into his lap. She snuggled against him, sighing angrily.

“This tabloid rag wanted you guys to go on the record, confirming that Emmett is out of the band and the he’s gonna be a daddy,” Nia said, glaring at her phone. “I reiterated our statement that this was a private matter and that you didn’t have anything to say regarding the situation. Then, they pushed for an interview. You’re not giving a statement; why would you give a damn interview? I mean, really.”

“As much as we’re pissed off at Emmett – again - we do need to solidify our playlist for the tour. We’ve got most of it done,” I said, wrinkling my nose.

“Don’t forget. Alice is coming with some more costumes for the tour in about an hour, too,” Nia reminded us. “This tour coming up faster than you think. We’ve got about another month of rehearsals before we fly out to New York City for our first stop at Madison Square Gardens.”

“I never fucking thought that we’d be playing at Madison Square Gardens,” Jasper said, his voice dream-like. “It’s surreal. Playing at Madison Square Gardens!”

“A sold out show,” Bella added, arching a brow over her glasses.

“Two sold out shows,” Kellan said, breezing into the rehearsal room. We greeted him and he plopped down at the piano. “The first show sold out so quickly, that we added a second.” 

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