Monday, April 25, 2016

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“Okay, Captain. We’ll wait until Agent Dean arrives,” Emmett said, pacing in Bella’s suite. “Have you managed to locate Ms. Swan’s location using the GPS chip in her phone?” He bit his lip, looking out the window. “Got it, sir. I understand. Thank you.” He hung up, turning to face Carlisle and me.

“What did Captain Welch say?” Carlisle asked.

“There’s an FBI agent on his way to the hotel. He’s about five minutes away,” Emmett explained. “Because of Esme’s crimes and the fact that she left Seattle, I have no jurisdiction in Forks. Definitely no jurisdiction on the La Push reservation. We’ll have to coordinate with tribal council to gain access to the cabin where your mom is being held.”

“How do you know this?” I asked. “I mean, for certain.”

“We don’t. All we have is the web history that you pulled up from Bella’s computer. Which that was some amazing technical work, Edward. Better than the tech guys in our cybercrimes division. Anyway, we can’t get a clear read on Bella’s GPS since the cell service up in Forks is spotty at best. She’ll show up and then disappear, reappearing several miles away since the cell towers are so spread out,” Emmett said.

“But, what if something happens to either one of them? It’s been so long. We don’t know when Bella left and she could be hurt, or worse … killed,” I said, clenching my fists. “Not to mention what Bitchme is doing to my mother. She could be torturing her as much as she fucking tortured me. She’s had a horrible life since my father’s death and she doesn’t deserve this, Emmett. Neither of them do.”

“I know, Edward. We’re going to find them,” Emmett said, giving me a fierce look. “Rosie loves Bella like a sister and she’d personally have my balls in a vice if something happened to her.”

FBI Agent Walter Dean


Edward and Rose's Kevlar Vest

FBI Kevlar

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