Monday, April 4, 2016

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Dear Edward,

When Dr. Banner mentioned calling Dr. Benson, I knew she was going to suggest a journal. I figured I’d break the ice with the first entry. Well, with the help of Bella and Rose, the first few entries. We all have our own secrets, our own stories. Some of them are awful and shocking, while others are just minor drama.

My story revolves around my injury. I was one of the best detectives in Seattle PD. You put me on a case, I’d close it. Out of hundred some odd cases I handled, there is only one that I never closed and that was my own. I don’t know who shot me. Detective McCarty was partnered with me and we were chasing a perp. He turned to shoot, missing us completely. Emmett (Detective McCarty) went to shoot back, but I told him not to since we were in a neighborhood. Too many liabilities with families, children. He grumbled, shooting off in the same direction as the perp while I went the other way, trying to head him off at the pass. As I was running toward Emmett, I heard gunshots again. However, unlike last time, there was a searing, agonizing pain in my chest and another on my hip. I collapsed, shot twice. Emmett gave up his chase for the perp, calling in my injury. 

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