Sunday, March 20, 2016

Restoration Update

I'm back, kids! We're almost done with Restoration! Here's an update for ya!

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Unfortunately, things did not work out as they planned. A couple of weeks after they returned from Idaho, Aro contacted Bella and asked her to handle an adoption case in her hometown, Chicago. It was similar to the situation with Eleazar and Carmen D’Amato, but with more kinks. That case with the D’Amatos took over six weeks. This looked like it was going to take even longer. At the beginning of February, Bella flew out of SeaTac and to O’Hare. She moved into a corporate apartment, preparing for at least a two month stay in the city she grew to hate.

Edward came out every couple of weeks, but he never proposed. Bella was working nonstop to win the case for her clients. The ring stayed in his pocket, untouched and at this point, probably will never be used. He loved her and if it was destined for them to just stay as they were, Edward would take it.

Though, Isabella Masen had a certain ring to it.

Upon her return to Seattle, Essie suggested that Edward and Bella go out to Idaho to rekindle the romance. The romance did not need rekindling. They were very affectionate with each other, making love often, but their schedules never coincided for what Essie and Edward had planned for the engagement to end all engagements. 

Edward's engagement ring for Bella ... will he be able to use it? 

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