Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Restoration Update

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After a month, Edward moved into Bella’s home and they worked to make their own. With Garrett’s help, they renovated the basement to be a chic man cave for Edward, along with an office and a spare bedroom. Edward’s furniture from his apartment went in the basement and it worked out really well. It was a favorite location for everyone to hang out, drink a few beers, watch a movie, play some pool and relax. Garrett and Kate were frequent visitors, as was Carlisle, Essie, and Alice. Every so often, Jacob and Nessie came over, too along with Marcus and his wife.

Seven months later, right around Bella’s birthday, Edward was working with Garrett on another job. It was a complete renovation of a mansion in Bellevue. Edward was not paying attention because his mind was focused on other things. And working in an active construction zone with your mind elsewhere is not a wise decision.

“Dude!” Garrett laughed. “You’re going to hammer a nail into my thumb. What the fuck?”

“Sorry,” Edward said, handing Garrett the hammer. “I’m just …”

“Talk to me, Ed,” Garrett smirked, guiding his friend away from the mess that was going to be a kitchen. “You look like someone ran over your puppy. Why are you not happy? You’re living with the woman you love and you’re getting regular, hot sex.”

“Bella’s birthday is coming up and I know what I want to get her, but I’m afraid she’s going to laugh at me or reject me,” Edward pouted.

“Okay, it’s Pretty Girl’s birthday?” Garrett asked. “Where was I when this tidbit of information was shared?”

“Snoring. Bella doesn’t like to celebrate her birthday because it’s a cruel, evil reminder that she’s getting older,” Edward sighed. “Plus, from what she told me. Her dad passed away around the time of her birthday and so she’s sad about that. It’s not a happy time of year for Bella.”

“And she told you this while I was snoring,” Garrett deadpanned.

“It was about a month after the three of us got together. We had just had some fun and you just passed out. Bella was snuggled to my side and she sighed. We got to talking and she told me about her birthday,” Edward shrugged. 

Edward's basement office

Guest bedroom

Edward's Man Cave

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