Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Restoration Update

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Edward and Bella went back into the living room. Edward was dressed in a pair of loose-fitting pajama pants and a tight black t-shirt. Bella was in a sexy, slinky pink nightie without any panties. Garrett was putting out the cheesecake onto the counter, smirking knowingly. “Did you two have dessert?” he quipped.

“I did and it was delicious,” Bella giggled, her fingers threading with Edward’s. He smiled, kissing Bella’s soft, sweet mouth. She sighed contentedly, snuggling closer to his body. 

“I bet,” Garrett laughed. “I never knew your spooge was a dessert, Ed.”

“A very succulent delicacy,” Bella purred, winking at Garrett.

“Ha, ha,” Edward deadpanned. “Though, I am hungry. That cheesecake is calling my name.”

“I wonder why,” Bella smiled, her hand moving to cup Edward’s mighty fine ass.

He turned to kiss her temple. “Because you drained me, my sparrow,” he chuckled. “You also need to rebuild your strength if you are going to handle both of us.”

“So, I get to join the party?” Garrett asked, waggling his brows. Edward barked out a laugh and Bella nodded excitedly. “Sweet!” He pushed two plates toward his friends. “Eat up! I want some loving, too!”

“Horny much, Garrett?” Bella snickered, digging into her cake.

“I’m a guy. Duh!” he snorted, pouring them some coffee. 

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