Friday, February 5, 2016

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“Heavens, no! In addition to his work for the government, my boss also works in the private sector, creating security programs for various corporations and businesses. Perhaps, you’re familiar with them? I worked for Aro Volturi and his son, Marcus,” Jared said. “They are the owners of Volterra Technologies.”

“We use Volterra’s programs in all of our hotels,” I said. “We used to use King Security Systems, but we had a major hack when I was in college. It turned out that one of the lower-level employee was cloning credit cards from all of the companies using King’s systems. We lost a lot of money and credibility. After that situation, we went with Volterra Technologies, paying the extra money for the higher level of protection for our clients.”

“I remember that,” Carlisle said. “You used to drive Aro and Marcus Volturi?”

“Aro, mostly. Marcus had his own driver or he preferred to drive himself,” Jared said, shifting uncomfortably. “Do you think I can get some water? My pain medication is wearing off.”

“Oh, my! Of course,” I breathed. “Do you need something to eat?”

Jared gave me a pained grin. I flew to my desk, asking for a fruit and cheese tray along with a carafe of coffee, water and a Diet Dr. Pepper for Carlisle. The man was addicted to that shit. About ten minutes later, our food arrived and Jared took his pain medication, sitting back against the couch as it took effect. “I’ll be happy when I don’t have this crushing feeling against my chest,” Jared said as his face relaxed. “Thank you for the food. My neighbors have been helping me in buying groceries, but my pantry is a bit barren.”

“When I drive you back, I’ll take you shopping, Jared,” Carlisle said. “I know what it’s like to be recuperating from an injury. Hell, I still am.”

“That’s because you refused to go to physical therapy, Carlisle,” I chided.

“That shit’s for pansies,” he scoffed. “I know what I need to do, thank you very much.”

“And do you do it?” I pressed.

“No. It hurts too much,” Carlisle shrugged.

“Exactly and that’s why you still have a limp, you idiot,” I snorted. Carlisle gave me the finger. 

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