Sunday, January 10, 2016

Restoration Update

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“Esme, what do you think about this countertop?” Edward asked, holding up a white quartz sample. “We can do a waterfall countertop, going down the sides of the island with a pearl back splash?”

Essie walked over to Edward, looking at his choices. “I like that. So will my clients,” she smiled.

“Who are these clients?” he asked.

Essie blushed, arching a brow at Edward. “Okay, there aren’t any clients. This condo that you’re restoring is for me, Carlisle and Alice. We’re still going to live in Forks full time, but we wanted a place in the city for when we visit Bella or we have family coming into town. When we’re not using it, we’ll rent it out.”

“And the story about the fire?”

“There was a fire and the former tenant moved out in a hurry, letting the bank take over the loan. It was a foreclosure. Carlisle and I got it for cheap. That’s nearly a two million dollar condo that we got for a half a mil,” she said. “With the renovations, it’ll easily be worth that.”

“So, this restoration is for you, Carlisle and Alice?” Edward pressed.

“Yep. I didn’t mean to deceive you, but I wasn’t sure if you’d actually come out to appraise the property since I was involved,” Essie frowned.

“Why wouldn’t I come out to the property?”

“Because of my relationship with Bella,” Essie answered. Edward inhaled sharply, his heart dropping to his feet when he heard her name. He leaned forward, gripping the countertop he’d just showed Esme. “Shit, I’m sorry, Edward. I didn’t mean to make you upset.”



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