Saturday, January 9, 2016

Buying Love Update

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It had been a month since I last saw Edward. He never called and I pretty much gave up on ever seeing him again. As a result, I was bitchy, mean and not pleasant to be around. I tried to contact him, leaving messages through Buying Love, but there were no responses.

I was done. So done.

However, the information about Alice and Jasper was plaguing my mind. I wanted to talk to them. Ask them questions about their situation. Carlisle had given me their address and phone number, but I was hesitant to make contact. Curiosity got the better of me and I dialed Alice’s cell phone number.

“Hello?” chirped a high-pitched female voice.

“Is this Alice Whitlock?” I asked.

“Speaking,” Alice replied.

“My name is Isabella Swan and I’m calling you regarding Esme Platt,” I breathed out.

“Are you working for her?” Alice snarled. “Jazzy is not going back to her!”

“What? No! I do not work for her, but I’m trying to get to the bottom of her story,” I said.

“I don’t feel comfortable speaking over the phone,” she muttered. “We’ve had to change our numbers several times because of Esme’s relentless pursuit of Jazzy.”

“I can come down to you,” I said. “We can meet, face-to-face.”

“I don’t know,” she hedged.

“Look, I’m trying to help out someone. Just like you helped Jasper,” I whispered. “I also want to put her away for good. A friend of mine used to work for the police and they’re building a case, Alice.”

She sighed. “I’ll meet with you, Ms. Swan. If I trust you, then you can talk to Jasper. He was … he was … Esme broke him,” Alice said, her voice tiny. 

Hotel Bel Air ~ A Charles Swan Hotel

Alice and Jasper's Bungalow



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