Friday, November 20, 2015

Buying Love Update

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“What do you want to eat?” Bella asked, sitting down on the couch. She was dressed in a pair of insanely short shorts and a sheer camisole. Her curly hair was braided over her shoulder. She was flipping through the menu, her nose wrinkled adorably.

When we got upstairs after our time in the office, Bella told me to change into some pajamas. However, Esme probably expected me to just fuck Bella’s brains out. I had no pajamas. Bella handed me a pair of sweatpants that had belonged to her ex-husband and one of her old college t-shirts that was too big for her.

“Edward? Food? Do you want pizza? Hamburgers? Oooh, nachos,” she giggled, showing me a picture of some loaded nachos. They did look good.

“The nachos look decadent,” I smiled.

She grinned in return, reaching for the phone. “Hey, Phil. It’s Bella. Can I get an order of nachos, two bacon cheeseburgers with seasoned fries, and the death-by-chocolate cake? Oh! And beer. I thought I had some up here, but not so much … A half hour? Great. Thanks!” She hung up, sitting in some sort of contorted position on the couch. “The food will be here in a half hour. What movies do you want to see?”

“Um, what do you have?” I asked. She got up, pulling on my arm. I let out a small yelp since the angle at which she tugged on me caused my shoulders to ache.

“What’s wrong?” she questioned, her eyes big and filled with concern.

“I strained my shoulder,” I explained. “Esme had me move some furniture around and I …” Bella narrowed her eyes. “You don’t like her, do you?”

“Esme? Fuck no,” Bella snorted. 

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