Thursday, October 8, 2015

Star Crossed Update

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I glared at the door that was being pounded against with some sort of battering ram. The door was easily four meters high made out of solid pirna wood. They were heavy and durable, but obviously were struggling against the forces of the impacts that the Reman and Alphan soldiers were causing. The Imperial Guard was blocking the doorway and a great deal of Federation soldiers were transporting to our location. I could also hear distant phaser fire from the MACOs outside of the palace, but it seemed to not make any difference. The repetitive banging filled the throne room. The throne room was filled with over two hundred people, all ready to end this.

However, it did not feel like it was enough.

I was deeply concerned for our well-being and the likelihood of winning this ground assault. The Reman and Alphans had nothing to lose while we had so much to fight for.

The door nearly shattered with the final blow, crumbling to the ground. A swarm of Reman and Alphan soldiers ran into the throne room and the fight began in earnest. Phaser fire filled the throne room. I had mine set to the maximum setting, shooting as many Alphans and Remans as I could. Bella was using her own phaser, but she was not as successful since she was not comfortable with the particle weapon. Maralice moved closer to my mate, acting as her protector since she was better skilled with the phaser.

I also began moving toward my mate. I trusted Maralice, but she was so small. I had to protect my Bella from the melee. I used my phaser to shoot anything that wasn’t wearing an Imperial uniform or a Galaxy Fleet insignia. Alphans and Remans were dropping like flies from the weapons fire that was aimed at them.

However, because of the weapons fire, both the Alphans and Remans grew more frustrated and then began using their other weapons. The Remans used their scimitars while the Alphans wielded their bsh’tooks, attacking us with an animalistic ferocity that made me tremble with terror. They were becoming unhinged, knowing that they may not win this battle. We all fought for over two hours and the stream of attackers never seemed to stop. We were exhausted, sore and covered with bruises, singed uniforms and dripping with sweat. My mate was fighting a losing battle with the pains in her leg and she collapsed onto her knees, panting heavily. 

Damage in the Imperial City

Imperial Hideaway in Port'angel'es

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