Friday, October 9, 2015

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We walked into the lobby and Bella was practically attacked by some chic-looking people. She hugged them, giving them kisses on the cheeks. From her tense posture, she didn’t feel comfortable around them and she shuddered when one woman mentioned Riley.

“I’m sorry to hear about you and Riley,” said the woman, her voice breathy, sounding like Marilyn Monroe who smoked three packs a day. Her face was filled with collagen and she was far too old to be wearing the slinky dress she had on, nor was it appropriate for the occasion. “He was such a handsome man.”

“Aunt Tanya, Riley cheated on me,” Bella said, pursing her lips. Aunt Tanya smirked. I think. I couldn’t tell because of the sheer amount of Botox she had done to her face. Bella’s eyes widened and she flushed angrily. “Fuck, with you, too? Why?”

“Why not?” Aunt Tanya replied, adjusting her too-large breasts that were almost spilling out of her too-small dress. “He wanted this. Why deny him? He was a formidable lover. He made me so wet.”

Ugh. Ew.

“I hope you were protected, Aunt Tanya. He’s diseased,” Bella spat. “And put some fucking clothes on. You look like a two-bit whore.”

“How dare you!” Aunt Tanya growled. “I’m still your family and deserve to be respected!”

“You’re not family. You are like Riley. A gold-digger,” Bella sneered. “Sometimes, I question Uncle Paul’s sanity.” Aunt Tanya walked off in a huff, teetering in her Lucite stripper heels and finding an older gentleman, with salt and pepper hair. Bella blew out a breath and clenched her fists. “Sorry about that.”

“She’s your aunt?” I asked.

“Yep. By marriage, unfortunately."

Aunt Tanya

Uncle Paul

Aunt Tanya's dress

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