Saturday, October 31, 2015

Buying Love Update

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I was working on the next month’s schedule. I was waiting for Edward’s phone call but it was getting later. With each passing moment, I was afraid that he wasn’t going to call. Unable to focus on the schedule, I pulled up the website for Buying Love, Inc. I wanted to find out more about the elusive Esme Platt. I found a biography about Esme, reading it. Devouring it up hungrily.

Esme Platt was born in Portugal, a daughter of a Portuguese woman, Fatima and an American Marine, Thomas. Esme lived in Portugal for most of her life, moving to the United States to attend college after the death of her mother. She graduated from University of Illinois, her father’s alma mater, with a degree in finance, business and a minor in international business.  Esme received her master’s degree from Northwestern University in business administration.

Buying Love, Incorporated was an idea that Esme created for one of her classes while getting her masters. Her professor found her idea intriguing. Finding investors and start-up capital, Esme opened her business in her tiny apartment in Chicago with friends acting as her dates for prospective clients. Once she established herself, she recruited college students for companions for her wealthy clients. Esme provided classes for her newest workers, giving them the opportunity to learn about etiquette and exposing them to various cultural events such as opera performances, gallery openings, theater performances and elegant jazz clubs.

With the death of her father from cancer, Esme moved to Seattle to settle his affairs, bringing her growing business with her. Within ten years, Buying Love is an established business providing companionship for the wealthy and elite clientele. Her business boasts over thirty male escorts and forty female escorts of varying ages and races. What started as a classroom project turned into something amazing, her life’s work.

Esme is adamant on making all of your dreams come true. All you need is to give her a call and those dreams are at your fingertips.

“Recruited college students my ass,” I grumbled. 

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