Monday, September 7, 2015

Yay! Awesomeness!!

I got an email last night from the TWCS Library. In the email, it said that High Seas was a featured story on the website. I wrote this story for the Pick a Pic Contest. It was a challenge since it was set during the times when pirates roamed the seas. However, the banner, which was created by WorldInMyEyes, just called to me. So, here's a blast from the past ...

It’s the eve of Isabella Swan’s wedding to Lord Aro Volturi, a close ‘friend’ of her father, Charles Swan, the governor of Isle Esme. Her marriage is arranged and she’s not happy about it. In swoops Captain Edward Cullen, the mistaken pirate, to kidnap Isabella in retribution for taking his ship and crew from him. Will she fight against Captain Cullen or join him eagerly to escape her arranged marriage? Will love blossom on the high seas?

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