Monday, September 28, 2015

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“Get up,” snarled Esme. She ripped the blankets from my body and I curled up in my bed.
Last night was brutal, more so than usual. I was kept up late because I was being punished for a negative review I’d received. It wasn’t even that negative, certainly not negative about me. The comment was about the restaurant we went to and not about my performance. My date chose the restaurant. Not me.

“Get. Up!” Esme hissed, tugging the pillow from underneath my face. “You’ve been requested for a high-end job. Isabella Swan wants you for the grand opening for Swan Towers.” She grabbed my chin and stared into my eyes. “Fuck if I know why. You’re worthless. Why do I keep you?”

“I’m sorry about the restaurant and taking my date there,” I whispered, trying to keep the pain out of my facial expression and my voice. “I’ll remember that if I’m requested by that client again.”

“Doubtful,” Esme scoffed, getting up and wiping her hands on her leather skirt. “I’m waiting for an email from Isabella. This is a big deal. You will make her happy. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Esme,” I said.

“Not Esme,” she growled.

“Yes, Mistress,” I whispered. 

Esme Platt

Edward Masen

Esme's Condo

Edward's pallet

Burner Phone

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