Sunday, August 9, 2015

Renovations Update

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Bending down, he picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist. Bella held onto him, not wanting to fall. His hands were firmly on her ass, carrying her up the two flights of stairs to her bedroom. She was shocked at how easily he carried her, as if she weighed nothing. In the bedroom, he pressed her into the pillows and pulled away. They both were panting since they were hungrily making out during Edward’s trek up the stairs. Bella inched up the hem of Edward’s T-shirt. He nearly tore it from his body, revealing his bare, muscled chest. “You’re so fucking perfect.”

Gently pushing Edward’s shoulder, she straddled his waist. Kissing his lips and down his neck, she tasted every inch of his chest. Edward moaned when her teeth scraped his nipple. His cock was straining against his jeans, wanting to come out and play. Bella smiled seductively, reaching for the belt buckle at his waist. He had given her untold pleasure. She wanted to return the favor. Making quick work of his belt, jeans, and boxer briefs, Edward was naked on her bed, standing at attention and leaking. “Again, you are so fucking perfect,” Bella growled, staring at his long, thick cock. His was the perfect penis, a few shades darker than his pale skin, darkening to a dusty rose at the head. Edward obviously “manscaped,” for he was groomed but not bare, as was the fad. Kneeling between his legs, Bella ran her tongue along his entire length.

“OH, FUCK!” Edward barked, his green eyes widening with euphoria. Bella smiled and winked before teasing him with her mouth. She closed her lips around the head of his dick, swirling her tongue around it. Edward whimpered, his hands gripping the bedspread that was on top of her king-sized bed.

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