Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Story: Renovations

It's July 1st and that means I can now post my submission for Fandom for Domie. Here is the first chapter for my newest story, Renovations. It's pre-written and will be posted on Wednesdays and Sundays (though not this Sunday since I'll be out of town). I'll post brief teasers on here on Fridays and Mondays. I will also post pic teasers on here as well.

Without further ado ...

Renovations Chapter One on FicPad

Renovations Chapter One on TWCS

Renovations Chapter One on FFn

Renovations Chapter One on AO3

“I believe that’s it, Ms. Swan,” Caius, her attorney, murmured. “Your husband agreed to the monetary, personal furnishings, and property concessions you proposed. All I need is for you to sign here.”

Bella picked up the heavy silver pen, signing the divorce decree, ending her nearly ten-year marriage. She had been blindsided by James’ proposition of getting divorced. Never in her mind did she expect he would have asked to end their fairy tale.

Bella and James started dating in college when James transferred to Northwestern during Bella’s junior year. They were paired up for a project in one of their classes. A friendship formed and slowly morphed into a sweet romance. They stayed together for the rest of their college careers, only breaking up when Bella went to law school at Harvard University. James was beginning his career as an advertising executive in Chicago. A long-distance relationship was not what he needed, nor did Bella. She had to focus on her studies.

A handful of one-night stands and mediocre relationships troubled Bella, not really satisfying her. When she finished her law degree, head hunters from various firms approached her. The one that caught her eye, Volturi and Volturi, was from Chicago. Packing her bags, she moved back to the city where she met and fell in love with James, only to fall into him again. Literally. James’ advertising firm was in the same building as Bella’s new law office. She had stumbled into the elevator and her ex-boyfriend caught her, preventing her from face-planting into his crotch. The sparks rekindled, and within a year, James and Bella moved in together. Two years after that, a proposal. Finally, after five years together, Bella and James had the fairy tale wedding, promising to love each other for the rest of their lives.

Ten years is more like it, Bella thought bitterly. 

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