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Caught in the Flames: Epilogue

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Ten Years Later

“Dr. Cullen, we have an ambulance pulling up,” said one of the nurses, Bridget. “There was an apartment fire with a lot of smoke inhalation. A lot of kids.”

“Thanks, Bridget. I’ll be right there,” I said as I closed my laptop. I swung my white coat around my shoulders along with my stethoscope. I graduated top of my class in medical school, followed closely by Harold. However, his spot as salutatorian was because he latched on to me. Thankfully, he didn’t match at the same hospital that I did for our internship and residency. He was matched at a hospital in Milwaukee while I was matched at University of Chicago Hospitals. I wanted to work with kids and I got my dream.

I was working my way up the ranks as a pediatrician. I was a part of a medical office, an established group of doctors. We were a family practice, with a specialty of endocrinology and childhood diabetes. For now, I worked with the families who didn’t have any pressing medical issues, but I was a board certified pediatric endocrinologist. I also picked up a few shifts at the emergency room at the hospital to keep my skills sharp. Besides, my history as a firefighter gave me a unique view of the ER and kept me on my toes.

I reached the ambulance bay, smiling at one of my close friends and fellow doctor at the pediatrician’s office, Jared McNulty. “How many victims?”

“Three, maybe four,” Jared replied. “It’s one of those apartment buildings. I’m not sure how critical the kids are. Are you off after this?”

“Yeah. I have a date night with my girls,” I smiled. It was our anniversary tonight. Our anniversary of being husband and wife, becoming a family. We never did much for anniversaries, but we always did something as a family to celebrate our happy marriage. Though, I had something special planned for Bella tonight.

The ambulances pulled up and we put on our game faces. I took the ambulance from my old house, smiling when Angela and Leah hopped out. “Hey, guys. What do you we have?”

“Hey, Dr. C,” Leah smirked. “We’ve got a five year old boy who was found in a closet as they guys were doing their sweep. He hasn’t regained consciousness since we scooped him up.”

“Give me his vitals,” I barked as we rolled him into a trauma room. Angela rattled off his vital signs. He was tiny and not breathing on his own. He also had some burns along his back and legs since he was curled toward the wall of the closet, trying to get away from the fire. The burns weren’t severe, but they would require special care to minimize scarring. Another curveball was that the boy was deaf. I made sure I grabbed one of the many nurses who could sign so I could communicate with this little boy. 



Anniversary Present

Marie's Charm

Amelia's Charm

New baby's charm

Now, this is the final chapter in Caught in the Flames. I will not be doing a sequel, but I may do some out-takes or futuretakes. Let me know what you'd like to see and keep this blog on alert, along with my profiles on the various fic sites. Thank you for following me on this journey. Hugs to you all! 

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