Monday, June 29, 2015

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser

Despite the tattoos, confident swagger and crooked smirk, I was still highly uneasy meeting new people. My insecurities came roaring to the foreground in situations like this party.

“Edward, you look like you’re going to puke,” Tim whispered.

“Sorry. Just the party is freaking me out,” I sighed.

“Edward, have a shot. You’re not driving,” Rose said, handing me a shot of tequila. I took it, downing it quickly. I pointed to the glass again. Rose filled it. I finished it and groaned as it burned down my throat. I felt the tequila take hold. I was much more comfortable. The nerves I was feeling dissipated. “Let’s have some fun, kids. Free delicious food, top shelf liquor and good tunes.”

The driver opened the door, helping Rose and Bella out of the limo. We walked into the lavish house, which had been decked out with purple, hot pink and red drapery, up-lighting and some lush looking furniture. Through the house, in the backyard, on top of the pool, there was a clear dance floor and a DJ spinning some music. I definitely felt my age at this party. Almost all of the people at the party were half my age. Even the lead trio of actresses were as old as Kyra. However, we made the most of it. Bella and I ate some fancy-looking quiches, drinking the themed alcoholic beverage, a Charmedsickle, a variation of the creamsickle. We sipped our drinks, going outside and settling onto a red settee, watching the cast practically hump each other on the dance floor.

“Do you remember when we were like that?” Bella asked, sliding onto my lap.

“We were never like that,” I deadpanned. “We at least danced as opposed to imitating fornication.”

“I’d rather be fornicating,” she purred, loosening my tie. She unbuttoned the top few buttons of my shirt, toying with my chest hair. Her lips traced my jaw as her fingers stealthily unbuttoned more of my shirt. “Do you want to find a corner and have some public sex?”

I kissed her, pulling her hand from my shirt. “I want to. Fuck, I so want to, but we’re not going to.”

“Come on, baby,” she murmured, her lips wrapping around my earlobe. I growled, my hands tightening around her waist. As she kissed, nibbling on my neck, I searched for someplace for us to duck away. She had teased me all throughout the movie and now her breathy pleas, I was about ready to burst. I found a cabana on the far end of the yard.

“Not one word, Isabella,” I growled, cupping her face and staring into her dilated eyes. “Get up.” She gave me a carnal, sexy smile as she stood up. I threaded my fingers with hers, guiding her to the cabana. There was no one inside, but the white tent was set up with a large couch. The lights cast us in an eerie glow. I ran my thumb along her bottom lip. “No sounds, Isabella. None.” She bit her lip, nodding eagerly. “And clothes stay on.”

I dipped my head, running my tongue along the length of her neck. She moaned, her fingers threading in my hair. My arms snaked around her waist, pressing her slender body against me. Her body was warm, willing and wanting. I gathered the skirt of her chiffon dress, pulling it up. When I felt her bare ass, I growled. “No panties?”

“A thong,” she breathed, dragging my right hand around to the front of her body, encouraging me to cup her sex. Her skimpy panties were drenched. I didn’t waste any time, sliding my fingers into her panties and circling her clit. “Fuck.”

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